Medical Advice

Please consider adding pain medicine to your list of covered specialties ("Best Docs," March 2011). As one of the more recent ones in the medical world, it appears to be growing by leaps and bounds in terms of both University Hospitals and Cleveland Clinic pain medicine department staffing. These specialists can make a world of a difference in helping people who are suffering chronic pain. You can imagine the number of people in the Cleveland area who fall into that category and need to know about it.

William Jones
cleveland heights

I have to admit my eyes welled up when reading Dr. Rita Cydulka's beautiful, compelling story regarding a teenager who delivered a baby boy in her home's bathroom and tried to keep it a secret. Believing the baby dead, she and her mother wrapped him in newspaper and put him in an outdoor trash can.

The teen was taken to MetroHealth because of profuse bleeding. While Dr. Cydulka tended to the teen, an EMS crew rescued the baby, barely alive, who subsequently thrived in the hospital's neonatal intensive care. Congratulations to all who helped save this new little life.

Louis H. Pumphrey
shaker heights

Plug of the Month

I saw "On The Go" (February 2011) and thought you should know about SOFE Cafe & Grill. It's a new cafe in downtown Bedford that has great food and great service. I just thought you might like to feature it. It's worth tasting.

Sonia Steele
oakwood village

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