Missing Dawg

I felt abandoned when I saw the map designating Browns Backers locations in the article "Brown and Orange All Over" ("Why We Love Football," September 2013). You left out all of California. I'm a proud member of the Bay Area Browns Backers in Northern California — 49ers country ­— and it would've been great and informative to your readership to see a Browns helmet placed on the geographic area we've represented every year since 1986. Hope you'll do a follow up piece to include California clubs and especially the Bay Area Browns Backers, where the blood type is orange. Thank you, and bow-wow, baby.
Len Filppu

Flying High

I enjoyed reading the recent article about flamingos in Parma ("Bird Brains," September 2013). It's great to see an arts-based movement take shape in Parma! However, I am not sure what "rough times" the article refers to. As a Parma resident, I can honestly say that Parma is experiencing good times rather than so-called rough times. If there has been a decline, it has been a very shallow decline. Between the redevelopment of the Shoppes at Parma, revitalized commercial centers, two new libraries, decreasing crime, enhanced money-saving trash collection, increasing median household income, the low poverty rate and much more, Parma appears to be doing quite well in most respects.
Stefan P. Stefaniuk

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