More Choice Words

In light of the news about LeBron James ("Choice Words," July 2010), Clevelanders still wait quietly for a renaissance they don't expect will ever come. Like a group of strangers stuck on the same elevator, there is nothing to do but sit down, relax and share some Tic Tacs. Temporary heroes make occasional appearances, but their departures are akin to an established bachelor who simply goes back to his usual way of things. The disappointment no longer comes as a surprise.

Marissa Sertich
avon lake

Friendly Reminder

The village of Reminderville has been the best-kept secret of many residents for years, but it concerns me that Cleveland Magazine rates communities similar or much smaller than us without even acknowledging we exist. Is it possible that this vibrant Northeastern Ohio village of 4,000 people has skipped your notice? Our residents are some of the highest per capita income in the region. Do you have a reason to not consider us?

Lee Barthelman

Editor's Note: We only cover select cities outside Cuyahoga County in our annual Rating the Suburbs issue. Space constraints prohibit us from covering all of Northeast Ohio's great communities.

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