Pen Pals

Thanks for some clarification on Connie's departure ("Write or Wrong," December 2011). I truly do miss the counterpoints she had to Kevin O'Brien's point of view and I truly believe that O'Brien has gone off the rails due to no one to counterbalance his views. I used to read both op-eds every week and more often than not I felt Connie's views were more aligned with mine. Every now and then O'Brien would write a piece that I could grudgingly agree with. But now he is lock step with the Fox News point of view.

Bob Whitney

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I want to thank Stuart Warner for this piece on Connie Schultz. I love being a born and bred Clevelander, yet, once again, we've let a wonderful resource slip through our hands due to the short-sighted ignorance of a few.

Laura Rickard

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Carry On

Great job, Cleveland Magazine for highlighting one of Cleveland's most creative, sustainably minded and conscious entrepreneurs ("Sewing Machine," December 2011). Mr. Hudecek walks the walk, no doubt.

John McGovern

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