Praise with Sprinkles

I appreciated the article on George Voinovich ("Talking Points," December 2010). However, every recap of his public life neglects his early days of service making curly-topped cones at Bill Byrne's Dairy Queen. Many of Bill's young DQers went on to distinguish themselves in life — none more so than Sen. Voinovich.

Mel Maurer

Sweet Memories

Mel Maurer also worked for the late Bill Byrne at that now-closed Dairy Queen on Euclid Avenue, just east of Ivanhoe Road."[Byrne] was a special guy in many ways and young people could have no better mentor."Maurer recalls. He says Byrne gave up the Dairy Queen in the early '60s but remained a friend to his former employees until his death.

We Take Requests

I visited over Thanksgiving and was flooded by memories. One of the names that came up was Hans F. Fischer. I remember you published an article on his tragic passing in your October 1979 issue. I would appreciate a copy of it.

Clark Davis
Stamford, Conn.

Editor's Note: "The Death of the American Dream: How Money and Pride Destroyed Hans Fischer" is now part of our online archive.

Art Attack

The outrageous lead to the article on new Cleveland Museum of Art director David Franklin ("Renaissance Man," November 2010), stating he is taking the "job of waking the museum from a long slumber" is an insult to the CMA staff. They have managed in spite of the construction turmoil to present challenging shows of extraordinary quality.

Edward R. Reichek
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