Ring Tones

Thanks to Jim Vickers for his tribute to the landline telephone ("Dead Ringer," June 2013), including its role in that classic "have you checked the children" movie. A remake titled When a Stranger Tweets just wouldn't be as scary.

Vincent O'Keefe

Magazine Memories

 Mike Roberts' article on Ned Whelan ("Reporter's Requiem," May 2013) captures his determination to help rank Cleveland Magazine as one of the best city magazines in the country. I freelanced there in the '70s and loved the experience, with one exception. Diana Tittle had gathered other women to write the first women's issue. What a kick — until Dick Feagler appeared on the cover. When I chided Ned about this, he just laughed. He was one of the most demanding editors I have ever worked with. But, I learned a lot.
Tina Langlotz


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