Statistical Analysis

This may be a little late, but I finally got around to checking out the Rating the Suburbs issue. I thought at the very least we might get a mention for highest percentage of roads with sidewalks. I can't think of a street in the city that does not have sidewalks. Who supplied the information?

Donna Wujnovich
south euclid

Editor's Note: We asked each city to supply figures for centerline miles and miles of sidewalks. Given those numbers, South Euclid's percentage of sidewalks is 93.33.

I wanted to point out in your Rating the Suburbs article (June 2010) the omission of Brunswick Hills. I saw several communities in your ranking that are similar if not smaller in size than Brunswick Hills. It would help this upcoming community establish itself because as it is now, people confuse it with Brunswick.

As a firefighter and paramedic, I also looked at your Safety Ranking and find that it's not really a safety ranking as much as a crime ranking. But if you label the category "safety" it should include fire and EMS protection as well. I'm also a Realtor, and I find that whether a community has a volunteer, part-time or full-time fire department carries a great amount of weight. The number of firefighters and stations staffed with paramedics is also a big deal. I think the addition of Brunswick Hills and adding a fire and EMS component to your safety category would be very helpful.

Sonny Covic
brunswick hills
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