Where's Victor

You missed the real fresh start in the September 2010 article about washing away the grime of Cuyahoga County government. Yes, important choices lie ahead, and your magazine missed the most important choice: Victor Voinovich! How could you not report on this lifelong Cuyahogan, a businessman, entrepreneur and family man with character who has a pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps American story? Shame on you for not reporting on his "hearts and smarts" grassroots campaign with a 2020 vision plan for our county that has Dolan, who has funded his campaign on daddy Dolan's dollars, so scared. The Aug. 29, 2010, Plain Dealer reported Dolan had spent more than $140,000 in a negative smear campaign against Vic Voinovich. Have your writers do their homework.

Holly L. Thacker
Treasurer For The Committee to Elect Victor Voinovich for County Executive

Editor's Note: In our coverage of the county executive race, we did not include every candidate, focusing instead on those who we thought were not only most likely to win in their September primary but also the November general election. Thacker's e-mail was written before the primary, which Matt Dolan won with 68 percent of the vote. Voinovich finished second.

Market Memories

When looking at my September issue, I could not believe there was a picture of my friend's mother on the last page (The Terminal, "1947"). Thanks for the memories.

Dell Brenner

Mystery Solved: The identity of The Beet Lady had been a mystery until Dell Brenner's letter. "Grandma Rose" Thomas, as Brenner called her, was a Lebanese immigrant who ran two market stands with her husband, Sarkis. "She couldn't speak English, but could understand a bit," Brenner recalls. "She was very sweet." Thomas died in 1975 at age 88.

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