20 Sexy Singles 2012: Djifa Amefia

Djifa Amefia, 36

Energy consultant

The perfect date: The perfect for me would be to either cook for that person or go to dinner in Tremont, probably Dante's or Parallax. After that we could head to the Velvet Tango Room and go salsa dancing.

Something most people don't know about me: I am actually a really nice guy, but I sometimes come off as standoffish. I'm not really shy; I promise!

My passion: Traveling and discovering new cultures. I go to Puerto Rico every year. Costa Rico is also great, but Brazil is probably my favorite travel destination because I spent three months there, and every day was a different experience, and it's also where I learned Portuguese.

Biggest turn-on: I would say intelligence and confidence.

Biggest turnoff: Lack of culture, people that are really close-minded. They have never been anywhere, but they pass judgments without any knowledge. Also people who put straws in their martini glasses. I'm sorry, but you cannot drink martinis with a straw.

I own too many: Shoes, dress shoes specifically, and boots

My favorite ... place in Cleveland: I would say the Tremont area because of all the various restaurants I can go to and all the great exotic food I can enjoy. ... book: I don't have a favorite, but my favorite genre is nonfiction because it makes me think. I am actually reading Steve Job's biography right now; so far it's very good. It tells you a lot about the guy and where he comes from. ... musician/band: I have no favorite. I have a collection of music from all over the. I can go from Andrea Bocelli to salsa music in a snap. ... sports team: Cleveland teams broke my heart so many times I just gave up. ... TV show: Family Guy or The Big Bang Theory ... vacation destination: Latin America because of the culture and the food. ... dessert: I don't eat dessert usually. I just don't have a sweet tooth or at least I try not to. As long as I have my coffee and Grand Marnier I am fine. ... blog: Technology blogs from time to time if I happen across them

My usual hangout: Tremont, my go-to answer, but I live in Olmsted Falls, so it's kind of weird for me to drive all the way here. But I love it, so I don't mind.

In high school I was ... nobody. I didn't go to high school in the U.S, I went to high school in West Africa in Togo, and it's a different culture from here.

And now I'm ... I'm doing OK.

My best feature: I have good style and a great taste in food.

My bad habit: I love cookies, soft oatmeal cookies, a little too much. So I try and avoid them.

My first kiss: I don't kiss and tell.

My guilty pleasure: Lazy Sundays, lying down on the couch with a movie and a bottle of red wine

How my ex would describe me: I don't know because it has been so long. Probably: you're a nice guy but you travel too much.

Going out or staying in: Going out unless there was a snow storm. Actually, you know what, even then ... still going out.

Early, late or right on time: Early or right on time. I don't like to keep people waiting.

Dogs or cats: None, because I'm never home so there's really no point. It isn't fair to them.

Dancing ... yes or no? Yes, a big yes, salsa usually

Twitter ... yes or no? No, facebook is enough for me.

My longest relationship: 1 1/2 years

Beer, wine or martinis: Wine, I drink all three, but I always end with red wine.

Roses or chocolates: Both, but dependent on the person or occasion

My No. 1 dating rule: I have no rules, just please be yourself.

My deal-breaker: Nothing to talk about, showing up a half an hour late and putting a straw in their martini.

I hate when a date ... shows up more than a half an hour late.

But I love when a date ... calls me on my bullshit, I love a woman who challenges me.

Worst pickup line: "Are you a doctor?"

If I could date anyone: I tend to judge people as individuals, so it would not be fair to compare a potential date to a famous and unattainable celebrity. I don't really get star struck.

On a first date I never ... let the date pay.

Best place to meet someone: I can't really say the best place. I don't go out looking for a date. The best place is when something spontaneous happens, and that can be anywhere.

Most unusual place I've met someone: While flying, up in the air, and I can say we are still friends.

My take on Cleveland's single scene: I would not say I have an opinion because I am always traveling, but I do wish women were a little bit more confident, a little less judgmental and were comfortable being themselves here.

What I find sexy about myself: I am very active; I like to stay in shape. I am a confident guy, and I'll never run away from a challenge.

Why I'm single: I wish I had an answer. I'm sure the fact that I travel a lot is a huge issue for some people.

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