20 Sexy Singles 2012: Jamie Starkey

Jamie Starkey, 35

Lead acupuncturist at Cleveland Clinic

The perfect date: Depends on my mood. Typically it would be to go to one of our amazing local restaurants — with wine and great conversation involved.

Something most people don't know about me: I don't know. All of my idiosyncrasies are so obvious.

My passion: To live each day and to make each decision based on the utmost integrity. I wake up every day, and I can't believe I get paid to do what I do — to be in a profession where I'm able to touch lives in such a positive manner. I never want to look back and have regrets.

Biggest turn-on: The mind, the brain, intelligence, intellect and great conversation

Biggest turnoff: Ego. When people are sitting there bragging about themselves, I can't handle that. I immediately shut off.

I own too many: Boots. I own a ridiculous collection of boots.

My favorite ... place in Cleveland: I love Edgewater [Park]. Anywhere near the lake. ... book: The Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri. She was actually here in Cleveland about two years ago at the Cleveland Public Library's speaker series. She was amazing. ... musician/band: I have a slight obsession with Bono. My first trip to Ireland was to find the man's house, and I put my business card in his Maserati. It's been going on for a number of years. ... sports team: I really like rugby. I usually try to tap into the New Zealand All Blacks. ... TV show: I don't watch television. I have no cable. When I did have television, I was pretty much watching Iron Chef. ... vacation destination: I've been to Ireland seven times. I can't get enough of it. I have this longing to go back to Spain and France. ... dessert: I had this amazing ice cream at Crop several years ago. It was this habenero ice cream. That's the most memorable. ... blog: I'm on The New York Times' site a lot.

My usual hangout: I'm usually down in Tremont or Ohio City, typically Market Avenue Wine Bar or Velvet Tango Room.

In high school I was ... a dork. I was a nerdy, gothic dork.

And now I'm ... still a dork. Maybe I'm more of a refined, classy kind of dork, but a dork nonetheless.

My best feature: I always get compliments on my hair.

My bad habit: I don't sleep enough.

My first kiss: It was back in college because again, I was such a dork. I was a late bloomer.

My guilty pleasure: At Le Petit Triangle in Ohio City they have a Bananas Foster crepe. If you have it with the dark chocolate, it's amazing. It doesn't come with the chocolate, so you have to ask for it.

How my ex would describe me: I set my goals too high. But, is that a bad thing?

Going out or staying in: I would probably like to stay in, cook a really nice dinner, open up a bottle of wine and just hang out. I have a place on the lake, so it's perfect to entertain at home.

Early, late or right on time: I used to be early. I got into a really bad habit of being late, and now I am just on time.

Dogs or cats: Dogs. I'm allergic to cats, and they creep me out. I don't have any dogs. I would love to have one but I don't have any time.

Dancing ... yes or no? Absolutely not. No, I'm a wallflower.

Twitter ... yes or no? No. I tried it, and I couldn't understand why anybody would be interested in what I had to say.

My longest relationship: Eight years

Beer, wine or martinis: Wine, Bordeaux

Roses or chocolates: Chocolates

My No. 1 dating rule: Don't call me a pet name on the first date. I can't take it. The whole sweetheart thing. No.

My deal-breaker: If the person is not empathic and cannot think beyond themselves, is a complete deal-breaker.

I hate when a date ... is obsessively texting.

But I love when a date ... does the old-fashioned stuff, like when they help me put my coat on.

Worst pickup line: "You're hot. Would you be interested in being my dominatrix?" I was horrified.

If I could date anyone: Anthony Bourdain. He's far sexier than Joel Robuchon.

On a first date I never ... I don't want you to come to my house; I don't want to go to your house. Let's just meet somewhere nice.

Best place to meet someone: I work for an employer of 3,000 people, and I haven't been able to meet anyone, so ... I'd like to meet someone at the library.

Most unusual place I've met someone: Overseas

My take on Cleveland's single scene: It's pretty bad. It's kind of pathetic, actually.

What I find sexy about myself: My humor

Why I'm single: It wasn't meant to be ... yet.

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