20 Sexy Singles 2012: Kristen Shumaker

Kristen Shumaker, 30

Graphic designer, artist and entrepreneur

The perfect date: Doing something different. Going somewhere we've both never been, so that we'd be able to experience it for the first time together. Or maybe just a random adventure. When you have to put yourself out of your comfort zone, that's when you really have to be yourself.

Something most people don't know about me: I probably own more than the normal person does of power tools and know how to use most of them.

My passion: I love to create. I'm always working on some sort of idea. I'm passionate about people and life, too. Getting to know people and getting to know myself. To be a value to other people.

Biggest turn-on: A great conversation will stop me in my tracks. Also, living life and wanting the most out of it.

Biggest turnoff: People who are negative. Sure, life is hard, but why dwell on it.

I own too many: Actually, it's hats. I'm known for wearing a hat quite often in winter. I probably have 50. I have a drawer in my dresser just for hats.

My favorite ... place in Cleveland: I dig Tremont a lot. I really like going to events like art openings. I've been hanging out more in Gordon Square recently, too. ... book: Right now I'm reading one called, Decisions, Decisions. Most of the books I read are about understanding or finding your true calling. ... music: I'd like to say I'm in the know, but I'm not that cool when it comes to music. I used to live in Austin, so I was more surrounded by people that knew about music. Up here I do have a few friends I really rely on to tell me what I should be listening to. I dig old-school folksy music like James Taylor and Cat Stevens. ... sports: I don't pay attention to them, but I do like going out when they're on. I like the energy. You go out and people are cheering. ... TV shows: I don't really watch TV. I do watch a PBS channel called Create. It has a variety of cooking, crafting, art and travel [shows]. ... vacation destination: I would love to backpack all of Europe, but something that really draws me in is Florence, Italy. I'm very passionate about art history, and I feel like it would be like walking through a museum. I'm definitely kind of a foodie, so anywhere I can try different cuisines. ... dessert: I try not to eat dessert. I am a sucker for some homemade chocolate chip cookies.

My usual hangout: Anywhere with karaoke

In high school I was a ... slacker. I hung out in the art room a lot.

Now I am ... apparently a sexy single. Now, I'm almost a complete 180 from being slacker. I am crazy hardworking and super productive.

My best feature: Most people comment on my eyes. But I really think that my best feature is that I'm really comfortable with myself, and I think that makes other people comfortable.

My bad habit: I am painfully indecisive, which is why I'm reading the book that I am now. When I had to get something to wear for this photo shoot, I spent five hours at the mall. I was overwhelmed.

My first kiss: It was in sixth grade outside the library. It was the after-school hangout. It was really exciting.

My guilty pleasure: I don't know what a guilty pleasure would be. I do like to go to toy stores. I like to feel like a big kid. Also, I partly like to go to art openings for the free food and drinks.

How my ex would describe me: That I'm really motivated and passionate. I'm probably too hard on myself. That I'm quirky, hopefully in a lovable way.

Going out or staying in: I do like to go out. I'm always trying to find out what's going on, also because I really do enjoy meeting people. I do a lot of work at my desk in front of a computer. If I'm at my desk and I don't talk to anyone, am I alive? Am I affecting anybody?

Early, late or right on time: Workwise, right on time. Socially, it depends on the event. I try not to be late if someone is waiting on me.

Dogs or cats: Neither. I don't have time for them, and I don't like worrying about putting my plate of food down and them eating it.

Dancing ... yes or no? I love dancing! I frickin' love it. I don't know if there's a better feeling out there.

Twitter ... yes or no? No

My longest relationship: A little under two years. It was good. It's nice to have someone to share your life with.

Beer, wine or martini: Miller Lite. I'm a cheap beer snob.

Roses or chocolate: Flowers over chocolate, but I would prefer something really thoughtful, different but funny. I still think roses are sweet, even though they might not seem creative. It's classic. People don't give flowers enough. I think it is a really sweet gesture.

My No. 1 dating rule: Take it slow as far as commitment until you really get to know each other. Sometimes you get involved with somebody and you realize that you aren't right for each other.

My deal-breaker: Someone with a really unhealthy lifestyle, or someone that really makes you questions their ethics

I hate when a date ... tries to impress me. I like someone who's comfortable with themselves. Imperfection is beautiful.

But I love when a date ... does something thoughtful or shared something important to them with me.

Worst pickup line: "Don't I know you?"

If I could date anyone: If I knew that answer to that question I probably would be. As far as celebrity crushes I don't have many.

On I first date I never ... talk about past relationships. I would never table dance.

Most unusual place I've met someone: Waiting in line for a Porta-Potty at music festival.

My take on Cleveland's singles scene: I guess it's pretty diverse. There's enough social stuff going on where there's an ability to meet people. There are less to places meet people that aren't bars, though.

What I find sexy about myself: My table dancing

Why I'm single: To be honest, I think it goes back to my indecisiveness, and I tend to keep myself a little bit too busy. I'm somewhere stuck in the middle of afraid to be with the wrong person and afraid to miss the right one. I don't want to be with someone just to be with someone.

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