20 Sexy Singles 2012: Peter Anthony Fields

Peter Anthony Fields, 40

Independent filmmaker, history major at Kent State University

The perfect date: A person who has a sense of humor and enjoys life and is a good listener. Someone who can carry on a great conversation and who loves movies.

Something most people don't know about me: I do some voice acting. I did a voice for a character on Ask Gilby, a children's television show produced by Akron public schools, a little flying bug named Andy.

My passion: Life, first and foremost, because when I was young, it was really difficult for me to accept myself and love myself because I'm gay, and it was a struggle growing up. It took me awhile to live and experience it fully.

Biggest turn-on: Laughter, because laughter means that you're loving life and you're just enjoying the moment. Real laughter is from the heart, and it makes me happy.

Biggest turnoff: Arrogance because arrogance suggests that the person is saying "I'm better than you," and I don't like belittling other people or other people being belittled. We're all on this earth together, and we're all equals.

I own too many: Theater and movie tickets. I have some tickets from 1987. I love the experience of going to a play or a film and if it's a good experience and something I always remember.

My favorite ... place in Cleveland: Jacobs Field. It's a family atmosphere. You go there and you can just eat hot dogs and watch the game and talk and enjoy. It's like camping out. ... book: House Rules by Jodi Picoult. It's just a fascinating book, and it shows how we can't judge people. We have to get to know people and understand them as opposed to looking at them and making a rash judgment. So that message came in really strong to me. ... musician/band: I have a ton of favorites. I like Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Queen, Adam Lambert, Adele, Pink. I like them all because of their amazing talent and ability to just grab the audience and tell a story, just take you with them. ... sports team: Indians. They play in the summer, and summertime is a great time, especially because our winters are so bitter. I think they're an exciting team. ... TV show: United States of Tara on Showtime. It stars Toni Collette, who's an amazing actress, and she has multiple personalities. So it's about how she and her family deal with her situation with her personalities that change and the events that her alter personalities get her into. It's an enjoyable show to watch for the acting and the storylines, and I just really enjoy it. ... vacation destination: Toronto in the summer. I love the feel of Canada; it's a nice change. We live in America and we know America, so it's nice to kind of step out of the country for a moment and get a different flavor, kind of a British-French kind of atmosphere. ... dessert: Anything pastry. I'm allergic to nuts, though, so I have to be careful. But I love cakes and pies and cookies, because I just have a really strong sweet tooth. ... blog: I don't have one. I don't really read blogs. I go on Facebook and Twitter, but as far as an official blog, I don't have a spot that I go to.

My usual hangout: I really like Melt. It's a great place, great atmosphere, and it's a lot of fun. Good food, the workers are great.

In high school I was ... shy, quiet. I didn't fit into the popular group, so I fell into the category of the nerds and geeks and other outsiders, but I still felt like I was on the outside of those outsiders.

And now I'm ... courageous. I like to just go out and make contact with people. In the Shawshank Redemption, Tim Robbins says you either get busy living or you get busy dying, and that stuck with me when I heard that line, so I chose to live.

My best feature: I would say I'm very giving. I love to give whatever, whether it's my time, movies, whatever. I love to help people and give them a boost.

My bad habit: When you get me talking about films, I go on and on and on and on. Then I start getting on my own nerves. I have to stop and say, "Am I talking too much?"

My first kiss: Was amazing. It was just great. He was a very warm and wonderful person, and it's kind of like a total acceptance.

My guilty pleasure: Dunkin Donuts. Buying a dozen and eating six in a night. I love pastries, bakery. That's my weakness.

How my ex would describe me: He always used the word "sweet" a lot. I think it's probably because of my giving nature.

Going out or staying in: Going out because you're going on an adventure together. It's nice to go out and then know that you have a place to come back to and crash. But I love the experience of going out to start the evening.

Early, late or right on time: I always try to be early, and I always manage to be just a little late. I get on the Internet, and I start answering emails — by that time I'm behind schedule.

Dogs or cats: Dogs. They're just great companions. They respond to you. They just want you to take care of them, and they're happy to be around you.

Dancing ... yes or no? In my mind I'm a great dancer, but when I start dancing, I become very self-conscious about myself. I'd say yes; I like to dance.

Twitter ... yes or no? Yes. It's a great way to get a quick word out because you have no choice. I use it mostly as a way to promote my filmmaking. And then you make connections with other people.

My longest relationship: Just a little over a year, only because I'm so busy. I get so involved in my work, and it doesn't leave much time for fun stuff, and now I'm in school.

Beer, wine or martinis: White wine because it's not too heavy, it's not too light. It's just a nice conversational thing to have.

Roses or chocolates: Chocolates because I have a sweet tooth.

My No. 1 dating rule: Never pretend to be someone you're not. It's OK to carefully let bits of your personality out, but I don't think it's very cool to create a completely different image of who you are.

My deal-breaker: If you can't be comfortable being who you are. If we're not comfortable with who we are and we can't love ourselves, then how can we love someone else? You have to be comfortable with you first before you can give to someone else.

I hate when a date ... doesn't listen. It shows that you're really into yourself if you're not listening to someone else, if you're not at least engaged in them. It's kind of selfish.

But I love when a date ... gets my wacky sense of humor. I have a sense of humor that comes from the left of left field, and if a date gets that it's like OK cool, you can get me.

Worst pickup line: I think all pickup lines are the worst pickup line. But one that makes me laugh is, I think it goes, "Can I see the tag on the back of your shirt, because you must be made in heaven."

If I could date anyone: Cheyenne Jackson, a Broadway actor. He does some TV, too. He was in the Broadway production of Xanadu. I just think he's cute.

On a first date I never ... make assumptions about the person. I try to let the person reveal themselves to me, and I take my cues from there.

Best place to meet someone: Probably a restaurant, bar and grill. I love bar and grills because it's a fun atmosphere. It's loose. It's comfortable, and you can kick back and be relaxed and have fun.

Most unusual place I've met someone: I can't think of a place. I usually meet them in making my films, auditions or at film festivals. It's usually in my film world, so there's no real unusual place there.

My take on Cleveland's single scene: I don't know. I guess I'm kind of isolated and in my own sphere that I've created with my films and school, so I can't really say I'm an authority on the Cleveland single scene. But I think the people of Cleveland are a great mix of people.

What I find sexy about myself: My voice, probably because people have told me

Why I'm single: Because I get really involved in my work. Making movies consumes a lot of time, and then when I'm not doing that, I'm taking classes.

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