20 Sexy Singles 2012: Robert Carillio

Robert Carillio, 43

Owner of Aquacare

The perfect date: I really like going to theaters or seeing a show. I really don't have any idea of a perfect date. It could be something mundane, but if you're with someone that sparks the right chemistry, then I guess that would be perfect.

Something most people don't know about me: I can draw very well. I'm actually a closet artist. I like to promote the artists, but a lot of people aren't aware that I can actually paint and draw, because I haven't done it in a long time and I haven't put it in the forefront.

My passion: A better environment, a better quality of life and neighborhoods and raising the standards beyond complacency. I like to get people to realize that complacency is stagnant, just accepting the status quo and thinking they can't change it. So I really am passionate about increasing awareness about why it pays and makes sense to have the cleanest environment you can, environmentally, economically and socially.

Biggest turn-on: A willingness to embrace and learn new ideas. I'm a passionate person about a lot of things. I try not to be preachy about it, but if I'm not on the same road or if I can't share the same values, it's just going to create conflict. We should be willing to respect our differences and embrace them as opportunities to learn from each other while celebrating our similarities.

Biggest turnoff: Unwillingness to learn. I can excuse an innocent ignorance, but a complete unwillingness to learn, that is the biggest, biggest turnoff. It's intrusive or undermining to my value system. It would be nice to have somebody who has compatible values.

I own too many: I spent the last three years purging stuff. I really don't have a lot of anything because I just want to live and travel light and not end up in 20 years with a garage full of junk that's going to be potentially in a landfill.

My favorite ... place in Cleveland: I love architecture. I would have to say some of the homes in Glenville. I love the old homes through there. ... book: Ishmael. This book challenges the idea that more is better, bigger is better, cheaper is better. It refutes the idea that life before the industrial age must've been miserable. That's why I like that book. Everything we look at today and accept as real and reality and as truth, it makes you think twice. ... musician/band: The Doobie Brothers. The one rock band that most influenced me growing up would've had to have been The Doobie Brothers. My sisters were playing this. That's probably why, because they went out and bought albums and played this and that stuck in my head. ... sports team: Cleveland teams, of course, or whoever is playing Pittsburgh. I live here. I grew up here in Northeast Ohio, and my loyalty is to the local teams. ... TV show: All in the Family because all these issues are today too, and back then nobody really wanted to say it, but they got away with saying it. Today you could never get away with saying it. It's just very clever and unique. ... vacation destination: Kauai. It's probably what the Pacific islands were most like before they got so developed. It's the least developed of the Hawaiian islands, and it's the oldest, which means it's got some of the most interesting geological features. ... dessert: Tiramisu because it's evil. It's just orgasmic. It's comforting and makes me feel loved. I'm mostly vegetarian, vegan — I'll tell you, I can't resist that one. ... blog: I don't really read blogs that much. I like change.org. I sign the petitions because there's really a lot of good petitions there that invoke a lot of change. And it's very informative because you learn a lot of what's going on in the world.

My usual hangout: The Flaming Ice Cube because I know when I go in there if I haven't eaten much in the day, I'm going to get something healthy that I'm not going to regret eating. And they have a very great view of the square.

In high school I was ... neither popular or unpopular. I didn't like the in crowd, I never picked on the nerd crowd, and I certainly wasn't part of the burn-out crowd, so I didn't know what you called my crowd.

And now I'm ... much more aware these days and much more conscious. I had the seeds of that back then for change, but I certainly wasn't to the level that I am now.

My best feature: I like to make people laugh. I can be funny. I'm able to get along with all kinds of people, make them laugh. Physically, I like my arms because they're not too big. They're just right, not too small. They're just firm and tone.

My bad habit: Going on tangents, talking too much. Getting very frustrated when I can't convey a common-sense idea to somebody, and they just don't get it and then I go on tangents.

My first kiss: I was about 19, and I had the biggest crush on this local girl. It was in the park on a picnic table, under a tree with somebody that I had hoped to get a date with for a long, long time, and I finally got her attention, and that was good enough for me. I went home very happy that day.

My guilty pleasure: Taking a trip and spending a little more money than I actually have, so I feel guilty about it — that I probably shouldn't be doing that, but I do it anyway.

How my ex would describe me: Achiever, ambitious, assertive, sometimes aloof, but it doesn't mean that I don't care. Sometimes stubborn. I have to say the good and the bad there.

Going out or staying in: Both, because I can stay in and make an atmosphere like we went out. You can make your own little night club at home. I could go out and do many things. I could go biking; I could go in the Metroparks; I could go to the theater; I could go to a museum. I'm happy doing both.

Early, late or right on time: A little early because being right on time is too punctual. Being late can be rude. Being a little early, that way it's a little more relaxed, and it's not so regimented.

Dogs or cats: Dogs because dogs are about what can I do for you. Cats are about what can you do for me. Dogs are more social. They just exude to me a much less selfish personality.

Dancing ... yes or no? Sure. I'm not going to sit there and worry about who's watching me.

Twitter ... yes or no? No, absolutely not because it's just ridiculous. Why do you have to have something following you around and you blasting your every move? That's just like having an electronic paparazzi following you.

My longest relationship: Three years

Beer, wine or martinis: I could do all of them. It depends on the moment. If it's a nice radio mystery theater that I host, then I will have some wine. If it's the guys and a game, then I'll have a beer. If it's something a little more retro, I'll have a martini. It depends on the scene.

Roses or chocolates: I'll take a box of chocolates, and I'd like to give chocolate. That's always a nice gift. I've given flowers, too, but there's nothing like that chocolate.

My No. 1 dating rule: It would have to be honesty. Once you reach a point where you are thinking you're exclusive, then I want it to be honesty. I always want to know where I stand.

My deal-breaker: Not accepting my dog as part of a package with me. She's not some sloppy, bad habit, jumping all over you, slobbering all over you type of thing. You got to love the dog. You got to accept the dog.

I hate when a date ... sits there and is so quiet that you feel like you're being analyzed by them. It's very uncomfortable to feel like I'm the one that has to do all the talking and the inquiring, and they don't have any interest in wanting to get to know me. Even if they make an effort, I appreciate that.

But I love when a date ... flirts with me. Flirt and smiles a lot and makes an effort to show that they are interested in being with me.

Worst pickup line: Can I buy you a drink? It's a cliche, and it's obvious where it's going. It's just not very creative. You could say, "Hi, my name is Steve, Sally or whatever." Start by introducing yourself.

If I could date anyone: Natalie Wood, because to me she's very cute, and cute is the new sexy, and she represented somebody very classy, had a lot of class, and that's something you can't put a price on. But she's dead, so I guess I won't get that chance.

On a first date I never ... reveal too much about myself. I would like to keep some mystery and future conversation materials. I'm not secretive either.

Best place to meet someone: The library worked well for me because they're reading something. You can see what they're reading, and it tells a little bit about them.

Most unusual place I've met someone: My softball team at a softball game. I actually did well in the game, and I also fell, so I guess that made for something to comment about and just sat down afterwards, started talking, and that's how it started.

My take on Cleveland's single scene: I think it's a good scene. There's a lot to do, potentially a lot of people who are single, but they're just caught up in their own little thing when they go out. They're not making the effort.

What I find sexy about myself? I can take control of a situation that needs to have some leadership without panicking — composure I guess. And patience and being a good listener.

Why I'm single? I'm guilty of the same thing I just told you singles don't do enough of, and that is make more of an effort. And lack of effort because we all have things to do, and I'm guilty of that, too.

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