20 Sexy Singles 2012: Scott Fedor

Scott Fedor, 35

Motivational speaker, activist

The perfect date: Something that involves the opportunity for laughter and some good wine, whether it is just hanging out together or going to an event. I really think that when you are getting to know someone, laughter breaks down a lot of barriers and can unite two people. A little bit of wine doesn't hurt either.

Something most people don't know about me: I'm probably more sensitive than I let on as far as being in tune with people's feelings and what they're going through. I also speak Chinese and used to ride bulls.

My passion: Helping people overcome adversity, myself included. I think that's evolved as my life has evolved.

Biggest turn-on: Honesty. In a lot of cases, that is rare. A lot of people put on fronts or try to show you certain facets of who they are, but I think when someone is willing to open up and put themselves out there, that's pretty exciting.

Biggest turnoff: Someone who wasn't present in the moment, who is distracted or can't give you their attention

I own too many: Ties

My favorite ... place in Cleveland: Anywhere along the water. I love the water, even though my accident was a diving accident. What's so great about Cleveland is when you're on the shoreline and you're able to have a view of the city. I just think it's a really cool contrast between the confines and busyness of the city and then the openness, peacefulness and stillness, at times, of the lake. ... book: The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. It's written as a child's story, but it really is for adults. It provides a lot of insight about the right way to live your life, in my opinion. ... musician/band: Bruce Springsteen. He's a masterful storyteller. ... sports team: The Browns. My dad's been a season ticket holder since the '60s, and some of my favorite and earliest memories are going to games with him at the old Municipal Stadium. Whether I like it or not, I have Browns blood flowing through me. Being a Cleveland sports fan, in particular a Browns fan, is some of the best character-building one can go through. ... TV show: Dexter ... vacation destination: I've traveled all over, but I like Cabo San Lucas the best for its beauty, and you can just relax. ... dessert: Key lime pie ... blog: Currently, it's probably my own on my website, scottwfedor.com. Not because it's mine, but because I enjoy writing. It ties into my passion and being able to share my story and write about helping other people overcome their obstacles.

My usual hangout: Neighborhood bars, I enjoy hanging out in that environment where you know a lot of people, but you also meet a lot of new people. You're comfortable; you know what you're going to get. Also, my place with friends and family, watching movies, drinking wine, laughing, just doing whatever.

In high school I was ... athletic, intelligent and adventurous.

And now I'm ... passionate, funny, intelligent and inspirational.

My best feature: My eyes. I do wear my heart on my sleeve, and if the eyes are the window to the soul, I do believe that when you're looking at my eyes, you'll see what I'm thinking, and you can get to know me.

My bad habit: Impatience

My first kiss: I was in eighth grade. It was at the old Parmatown movie theater.

My guilty pleasure: Take 5 candy bars. I try to eat fairly well, and I've never been a candy guy. I tried those, and they've become a staple in my diet, unfortunately.

How my ex would describe me: We left on really good terms. I think she'd probably tell you I was passionate, funny, intelligent, and really caring and committed.

Going out or staying in: A lot of the times, I'm just as comfortable staying in as well as going out. I think it's good to have a healthy mix.

Early, late or right on time: On time

Dogs or cats: I have cats living with me right now, but I'm definitely a dog person. I love Saint Bernards. I think they're big, clumsy and really loving. I've never had one, but for some reason, I've always liked them. The bigger the dog, the better in my mind. I could do without the slobber of a Saint Bernard, but I guess you can't have it all.

Twitter ... yes or no? I'm still warming up to it. I haven't dove into it yet. There are so many social media sites out there that you get accustomed to one and then the next one comes. How many different ways can you tell someone what you're doing? Unfortunately, we're replacing a phone call or a good old-fashioned letter. Even email is starting to be replaced by texts, Facebook and Twitter. However, it's a great, easy way to reach a lot of people.

My longest relationship: A little over six years

Beer, wine or martinis: Yes, please. I definitely enjoy wine, but beer just tastes so damn good. I like them all, but lately I've been drinking a little more wine than beer.

Roses or chocolates: Roses

My No. 1 dating rule: Be present. If you're on a date with me, I assume it's because you want to be with me, so be there. Don't be texting; don't be calling your friends. Be invested in the time we are spending together.

My deal-breaker: Dishonesty

I hate when a date ... If we're out and she saw other people she knew and spent a little bit more time with others than with me. Things that aren't important, immediate or needed, that would detract from the time we are spending together. So if it's not an emergency when a girlfriend calls just to catch up, don't take that call in that point in time.

But I love when a date ... When I see genuine smiles and laughter. When they really look at you and give you that glimpse into who they are is that moment when you connect.

Worst pickup line: As strange as it sounds, a girl once told me she liked my belt and wanted to see it. I took it off and gave it to her. We ended up going out for a couple years.

If I could date anyone: When I was growing up, I used to be really into Kathy Ireland, but if she's unavailable these days, I'm a big fan of Mila Kunis. 

On a first date I never ... make an excuse to cut it short. I would ride out the first date, no matter how bad it is. I'd just see it all the way through.

Most unusual place I've met someone: Business meeting

What I find sexy about myself: My ability to make other people comfortable, regardless of the situation

Why I'm single: I've gotten out of a serious relationship, and I am focusing on getting myself to a point in my life where I feel comfortable. It hasn't been a priority of mine to invest the time into a relationship. I'm really focused on getting myself stronger and reaching out to help others.

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