20 Sexy Singles: Janez "J" Ambrozic

Janez "J" Ambrozic, 35

talent agency owner

The perfect date: See a really cool indie flick at the Cedar Lee, then take a trip out to Chagrin Falls and have dinner at Gamekeeper's or Rick's Cafe.

Something most people don't know about me: When I'm out playing baseball in the summer with the guys, they would have no idea I'm in my studio in the winter doing ballet. I'll do some kind of dance move and then a practice swing, so I can keep my guy status.

My passion: Using any of the abilities I've been blessed with and sharing them with others. I enjoy doing these things for myself, but I get equal enjoyment out of teaching someone yoga or helping them with their acting.

My favorite ... sports team: Notre Dame football. My dad went there; he wanted to walk on [and play for] the team but instead got into the hippie movement. ... musician/band: Guns N' Roses. I saw them in Las Vegas for Halloween, and it was amazing. ... TV show: Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy. From an actor's perspective, they are as high quality as something you'd see in the theater. ... place in Cleveland: I love the lake. I grew up in Euclid. I ride stand-up jet skis on the lake and wakeboard on the Huron River. ,,, book: Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. ...vacation destination: I've been to the Amazon four times. One of my roommates in Los Angeles was from Colombia, and his cousin and I became friends. His family owns a house on an island off the coast of Colombia that just got electricity. It was super primitive, the wildest vacation. ...way to exercise: Yoga, wakeboarding, snowboarding and playing baseball. I've played for almost 10 years in an 18-and-over league in the Cleveland Baseball Federation. When I can't play real baseball anymore, I'm hanging it up. No softball or anything. ...month: The fall. ...website: Espn.com or Facebook. ...drink: Raw protein smoothies. I've been a vegetarian for 30 years and was a raw foodist for a while. I usually have a couple a day.

My usual hangout: I like Barroco Grill, which is a Colombian restaurant, and El Tango on Madison in Lakewood.

In high school I was ... into sports and liked to party a little too much.

And now I ... still like sports, but I'm more artsy now. I went through a transition where I got into acting, yoga and meditation. It's a balance between the two.

My No. 1 dating rule: In A Bronx Tale, Chazz Palminteri says that if your car door is locked and she doesn't reach over to lift the button, then you should dump her. I don't really have a rule, but that's where my mind goes — to the movies.

My deal-breaker: Being more of an artsy-fartsy person, who's lived in LA and is into yoga and being a vegetarian, that lifestyle is really important to me.

On a first date I never ... take it too seriously.

Biggest turn-on: Intelligent women with strong personalities. I love it when you can see

that fire in their eyes about their passions.

Biggest turnoff: Women who can't walk properly in heels. They're not turning anyone on duckwalking around East Fourth. If you are going to walk like that, just wear flats. 

My hidden talent: I can juggle. Not well, but I can do a few tricks.

I own too many ... baseball caps. I have about 50.

My best feature: My light green eyes. They have done well for me over the years as an actor and model.

My bad habit: A tendency to curse too much.

My first kiss: A cute little girl who lived up the street from me. We were 12 maybe. After school she just said, "hey, come over" and she took me up to her bedroom and kissed me.

My guilty pleasure: I used to be addicted to ice cream. Now I eat no-sugar-added coconut milk ice cream.

How my ex would describe me: He's a little crazy, but a lot of fun.

How my best friend would describe me: The same.

Going out or staying in: If you put it on a scale, I'm a little more of a stay-in guy, now that I'm 35 and not 25.

Early, late or right on time: Early. I slow myself down so I'm not too early.

Morning person or night owl: Somewhere in between. I like to start the evening early with dinner, then wrap it up by midnight.

Dogs or cats: I was a cat person, then my [ex] and I had a dog that I fell in love with. He was a Shiba Inu, the best dog ever. ... I really miss him a lot.

iPhone or Android: iPhone. I've been with Apple since 2000.

Dancing ... yes or no: I like to salsa. If I had to list things on my résumé, dancing is down toward the bottom.

Twitter ... yes or no: No. It's a little narcissistic, like everything you're doing is brilliant every day.

My longest relationship: I've had two long relationships. The last one was close to four years and another one was five years.

My biggest goal right now: I want to re-establish myself in the acting business as a talent. When I moved to Las Vegas [with my ex], we went because her career was doing well and I took a backseat. Now I want to re-establish myself, make [the talent agency] flourish and help our people flourish.

Celebrity crush: Right now, I'm really into Tara [actor Maggie Siff] in Sons of Anarchy.

Most unusual place I've met someone: I met a local South American girl on a boat in the Amazon.

My take on Cleveland's single scene: I know there are wonderful, amazing, charming people who don't fit into the scene here. To meet them, you have to seek out different channels.

What do you find sexy about yourself? I have a way about me that gives off an essence of youthfulness. There's a quote from Robert Redford that I like ... he was interviewed when he made The Natural. He played a 22-year-old when he was in his 40s. He said you have to be willing to let go of the burdens you carry around. That's what makes you old.

Why do you think you are single? It takes a very specific person who sees life the way I do. My happy-go-lucky "Cali Boy" personality doesn't always mesh with people in the Midwest.

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