20 Sexy Singles: Kevin Barnett

Kevin Barnett, 27

funeral director & embalmer

The perfect date: Something simple. It involves maybe an activity and then dinner. ... There's also just something really charming and warm about preparing a meal for someone.

Something most people don't know about me: I'm a Gemini, so I can be fun and around people, but then I also need alone time.

My passion: I enjoy what I do in my career, but it's not like I have a passion for making people look really good in the casket. I think if there's anything, I'm passionate about finding new talents.

My favorite ... sports team: I'm not a big sports person, but I suppose living in Cleveland you have to support any sort of Cleveland sports team. ... I ran cross-country in college. I like sports, but I couldn't care less what I'm watching, to be honest. ... musician/band: Brand New. I came of age listening to them. One of their first albums came out when I was in high school, and probably one of my favorite albums came out around the time I was a senior in college, and I just love their music. It's fun; it's loud. ...

TV show: I don't have a TV, but I do like to watch British comedies, so Absolutely Fabulous, Little Britain — things like that. ... place in Cleveland: There is a small little observation deck in Chagrin where you can actually see the water coming over the falls, and during the winter, especially after a lot of freezing weather, this will start to freeze. I love going there toward the end of winter when it's starting to thaw and watching the ice go over the falls. ... book: A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood. ...vacation destination: I love Washington, D.C. — it's such an easy city. I have a lot of good childhood memories of being there. ... way to exercise: I enjoy rock climbing. ... month: September. I love fall. I like when you have to start wearing your coat. I like the sound of leaves crunching, and September is kind of the beginning of that. ... website: Huffington Post, Towleroad, cleveland.com, Cool Cleveland. ... drink: I call them lemon shake-ups, where it's just lemon, water and little sugar. Then you mix it on ice, so that's my G-rated drink. ... If I go to a bar, I like beer or a gin-and-tonic.

My usual hangout: If we're going for more of a chill evening with friends, La Cave du Vin in Coventry. If we want to get a little saucy and go dancing, Bounce.

In high school I was ... the teacher's pet.

And now I'm ... just me.

My No. 1 dating rule: Dress for the occasion. If you're going to go biking or climb or go for a run, you can arrive in something cool, but change.

My deal-breaker: I don't have a deal-breaker. I think that in any relationship there are things that just don't work, but maybe in the next relationship that could be something that works, and you're OK with it.

On a first date I never ... arrive late.

Biggest turn-on: If you have a sense of humor and you can still be awkward. I have really self-deprecating humor, and I enjoy people who also have self-deprecating humor.

Biggest turn-off: Being late on a date.

My hidden talent: I'm really good at writing cards.

I own too many: Shoes, black V-neck sweaters, blazers and coats. I probably have 100 pairs of shoes. I have a pair of Marc Jacobs Collection boots that I spent an entire paycheck on. It was actually almost a month's wage. Don't tell my mother.

My best feature: I think my eyes are really pretty.

My first kiss: I can't remember the girl's name. It was really silly, and I think it was in seventh or eighth grade. I was at a birthday party for a friend of mine.

My guilty pleasure: Vanilla Pastry Studio cupcakes. I will drive to Pittsburgh to get these cupcakes.

How my ex would describe me: It seems like the last three or four I still see socially and we get along. It just didn't work out relationship-wise. Then there's one ex that swears that I'm the devil.

How my best friend would describe me: My best friend is my sister, and she would describe me as diligent, fiercely loyal, annoying, funny and because she's my sister, she would say that I'm probably one of the smartest people she knows, but she's actually smarter than me, so I think she just says that.

Going out or staying in: I'm definitely a Gemini, so I have days where I really, really want to be around people, so I always try to have those days planned in advance. ... But there's also something really nice about staying in and having your alone time.

Early, late or right on time: I'm a right-on-time type person.

Morning person or night owl: I'm not as much of a morning person. I like to ease into my mornings.

Dogs or cats: I actually like both.

iPhone or Android: I have an Android, but I really miss my Blackberry.

Dancing ... yes or no: It definitely depends on my mood or how many cocktails [I've had].

Twitter ... yes or no: I don't have a Twitter. I have Facebook. I don't know who would follow me. I don't really think I'm that cool.

My longest relationship: Two years.

My biggest goal right now: To just be a little bit more comfortable in my career and pay off student loan debt.

Celebrity crush: Thom Browne. He's a fashion designer. ... In mortuary school, you have to build a head out of clay and beeswax. He was the head I built.

Most unusual place I've met someone: We met at a fundraiser at the Indians stadium.

My take on Cleveland's single scene: I think in Cleveland it's fun to be single. There are a lot of opportunities for young people in Cleveland.

What do you find sexy about yourself? I do like my sense of style.

Why do you think you're single? I work a lot, and I think sometimes I can be quiet around a lot of new people.

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