35th Anniversary: It's Just Like "Sex and the City"

Cleveland’s favorite party girl, Melinda Urick, is no longer the downtown barfly you met on the pages of our February 2005 issue. She’s since bought a condo, developed a serious relationship and welcomed her 30th birthday with open arms (and a huge party). But she still keeps an eye on the places to see and be seen, so we asked her to tackle the single life one more time. Here, she gives us the lowdown on the four bars still left in town from a singles story we put together in 1978.

Around the Corner
Then: This popular Lakewood haunt drew “a casual but clean-cut” professional crowd, with a sprinkling of college students in the summer.
Now: “It’s a pretty fun, relaxing place to hang out,” Mel says. But, she warns, the college crowd has taken over.
Verdict: A great place to make a match — if you’re under 25.
Old rating: ****
Mel’s rating: ***

Harbor Inn
Then: “[The] friendly, no-pretense atmosphere encourages partying and new friendships. ... East Siders, West Siders, oreboat crewmen and career women all rub elbows here.”
Now: Same scene, same crowd — minus the oreboat crewmen, maybe.
Verdict: “Every time I’ve gone in there, I’ve found somebody to talk to,” Mel says.
Old rating: **** 
Mel’s rating: ****

Then: A mix of the city’s cultured elite and businesspeople; nearly all regulars.
Now: Though the crowd is still largely professional, college students drop in for happy hour.
Verdict: Mel says the faces (still) don’t change much and people are often coupled off, but it has potential. “It’s one of those places you have to try once and again.”
Old rating: ** 
Mel’s rating: **

Rick’s Café
Then: “[An] art deco hamburger joint frequented by studied bohemians in work shirts and jeans.”
Now: Ditto.
Verdict: “It’s always crowded and a great place for live music,” Mel says. But if you aren’t on a double date, this isn’t the place for you.
Old rating: * 
Mel’s rating: *
Mel’s Choice:
Liquid/Ultra With a “neighborhood-bar feel upstairs and a huge club downstairs,” Mel calls this “hands down the best singles bar in Cleveland. I have hundreds of friends who start off their night there and come back there to end it.”
Mel’s rating: ****
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