Alyson Winick

Senior vice president of the Schwebel Baking Co.

So you’ve just gone through 12 pages of our Silver Spoon Awards and learned about the best of the best: the finest bisques, the most tantalizing seafood, the cream of the cream. Strip away all the fancy stuff and you’ve got the most basic food of them all, bread. “Bread is life. Everything else is details,” says Alyson Winick, senior vice president of the Schwebel Baking Co., which is celebrating its 100th anniversary. “Well, OK. Bread is my life.”

Do you cut your bread diagonally or down the middle?

What do you think it says about you?
Um, that I’m not square?

Why do bread companies keep those two end pieces in the package? Nobody eats them.
You mean the heels? I love the heels. They’re crunchier. Delicious.

Maybe you need to make a loaf of heels.
We’re always looking for new ideas. That’s probably not one of them.

Your favorite kind of sandwich.
Tuna on rye. Schwebel’s rye, of course. Rye was actually the first bread my grandfather sold when he started baking in 1906.

How happy were you when the low-carb craze died?
Very. It was a really hard thing for the industry to deal with. People just blindly took all the carbs out of their diet. It was so silly. Bread is good food.

So go ahead, defend bread.
As part of a well-balanced diet, bread is a wonderful source of vitamins and nutrients — and don’t forget to exercise.

You need to get people to eat bread and exercise at the same time.
Wouldn’t that be nice?

Your favorite staple item other than bread.
Plain yogurt.

Let me summarize: You sell white bread, you eat the heels, and you prefer plain yogurt. This is not an exciting life.
Trust me, my life is more exciting than you could imagine.

Why is money referred to with terms such as “bread” and “dough?”
I’m not sure. All I know is, if my bread turns green, I’m in big trouble.

The best bread for feeding ducks.
White bread is good. But let it dry out a little.

Are you always judging the bread served in restaurants?
Actually, that’s one of my pet peeves. After the carb craze thing, it seems like you have to ask them to bring the bread to the table. For the record, don’t make me ask. I want my bread.

What’s the secret ingredient in your bread?

That’s sickening.
I’m a good company woman, what can I say?

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