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You probably haven't heard of Ricky "Rickonia" Smith, but you've certainly heard of the people who have blocked him on Twitter. The Cleveland-born comic has irritated everyone from the woman slugged by an RTA bus driver to the leader of the free world. We caught up with him on Twitter. We haven't blocked him. Yet.

Andy216: You sober enough for the @ClevelandMag interview?

Rickonia: probably not, BUT ASK AWAY!!! RT @Andy216: @Rickonia You sober enough for the @ClevelandMag interview?

Andy216: Tell me the differences between Twitter and the stage? Where are you funnier?

Rickonia: Twitter is a quick moment in time. A joke on Twitter can only be told once. On stage you can do the same material again and again

Rickonia: I actually enjoy telling jokes on Twitter because unlike being on stage, I don't have to wear pants. I hate wearing pants

Rickonia: ps I am not currently wearing any pants

Andy216: That really should make me uncomfortable, but I'm oddly fine with it.

Andy216: Top three people who have blocked you?

Rickonia: President Barack Obama, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, Puff Daddy, Kim Kardashian, Sarah Palin

Rickonia: & the girl who got upper cut by the bus driver! The irony that the girl that didn't block some1 in real life blocked me on twitter

Andy216: Being ignored on Twitter is easy enough. Blocked really says something. What's your best story about getting blocked?

Rickonia: meeting the person in real life who blocked u. Met Dwight Howard the day AFTER he blocked me and him looking at me like 'i know u'

Andy216: That's awesome. Did you say anything to him about it?

Rickonia: have you seen his arms? heck no! I kept my mouth shut!!! His arms look like the state of Florida.

Andy216: What in the world did you do to get blocked by President Obama?

Rickonia: honestly not sure. I think I asked him if he ever passed gas in the Oval Office

Andy216: Back to the RTA passenger. Did you really compare Shi' Dea Lane to Rosa Parks?

Rickonia: wait!!! Her last name is LANE? that in and of itself if comedy... Rosa PARKS and Shi' Dea LANE. oh my...

Rickonia: and I MAY have made a comparison. Both women stood up to bus drivers. Parks sat down and Lane got thrown down

Rickonia: yeah man.. how much built up anger does one have to make an upper cut his go to move...

Andy216: You share a lot of drunk stories. Anyone ever get concerned about your drinking?

Rickonia: just bar owners when I take a night off

Andy216: Worst drunk dial ever?

Rickonia: 911. I called to see how they were doing. I thought it was funny. They did not.

Rickonia: or Serena Williams. I tried to prank dial her on Saturday but forgot she had my number saved. It was over before it began

Andy216: You know Serena Williams? No disrespect meant, but I'd be just as afraid of her as Dwight Howard. Have you seen HER arms?

Rickonia: ha! yeah and she's super competitive. She throws great karaoke house parties.

Andy216: Best bar in Cleveland to drink in?

Rickonia: tough question. Barley, Liquid, Rumors or any bar with cheap drinks and two ply toilet paper. You never know what's going to happen

Andy216: So why don't you like being called a comedian?

Rickonia: because I don't really see myself as one. I like to think of myself more of a 'personality' just someone who likes to have fun

Rickonia: I think of myself more 'fun' than 'funny'. Not everyone can be funny but everyone can be fun

Andy216: Does comedy pay the bills or are you punching a clock somewhere too?

Rickonia: depends... will the IRS be seeing this or not?

Andy216: Pretty sure Twitter is private.

Rickonia: hahahahaha just me, you, and 17,000 of my close close friends

Andy216: All right. Last question. Where's the name Rickonia come from? It's a music reference right?

Rickonia: yeah. taken from an Outkast album name. Rickonia (pronounced Rick On Ya) is a state of mind.. a mental state of just living

Rickonia: enjoying life and just being happy. Too many times we get caught up in what we don't have instead of what we do have.

Rickonia: so I'm just trying to live it up and hopefully lead by example that life is exactly what you make it.

Andy216: Happy to focus on the beer in your hand rather than the one you're ordering next?

Rickonia: exactly... just enjoy the beer you have. you can only drink one beer at a time. *burp*

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