Danielle Serino

Danielle Serino
Anchor, Channel 19

>Morning person or night owl? Night owl. I don’t function until noon.

>Life of the party or quiet and mysterious? Depends on how much I had to drink.

>Coke or Pepsi?
Always Coke, never Pepsi.

>Talking or texting on the phone? Talking on the phone. It’s the intimate contact with somebody.

>Books or magazines? I’d like to read more books, but since I’m always short on time, magazines have to suffice. Vanity Fair and Star.

>Dressing up or dressing down? I’m definitely a jeans-and-baseball-hat kind of person.

>Your best feature: A big smile and a big heart.

>Your ideal date: Anything with great music, great food and great wine. If there’s a little salsa dancing, then it’s off the charts.

>Three things you can’t live without: Food, wine and salsa dancing.

>How would your best friend describe you? Extremely loyal, and would drop anything for them at a moment’s notice.

>How would your ex describe you? Depends on which ex you ask! I still speak to most of them, but a few would like to run me over with a car.

>How do you feel about living with animals? I would live in the middle of a farm if I could.

>What’s your favorite ... place on earth? My parents’ home. I’m very tight with my family. ... TV show? “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Big Shots.” ... movie? “Big” or “The Godfather.” ... season? Summer. I love the heat and the beach. ... drink? A vodka martini straight up with blue cheese-stuffed olives. ... food? Anything fried.
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