Derek Hess

Derek Hess,
Artist and clothing designer

>Morning person or night owl? Night owl. If I can sleep in and watch a few episodes of “ER” before I get started, that would be my ideal.

>Clean and neat or cluttered and cozy? Cluttered and cozy, but I know where every-thing is.

>Your best feature: My tattoo of my dog Jose. [He’s had him for eight years.]

>Three things you can’t live without: Coffee, TV and Jose.

>How would your best friends describe you? They would say I’m consistent and I follow through. I’m either on time, early or I forget to show up, ’cause I’m never late.

>How would your ex describe you? As the one that got away.

>What would you do if you didn’t have to work? I would spend more time at the animal shelter. I’m on the board of directors [at Place a Pet Foundation].

>How do you feel about living with animals? I wish I could have more — I just don’t have the room.

>What’s your biggest turn-off? Smoking and people who say “anywho.”

>What’s your favorite ... place on earth? Cleveland and Zurich, Switzerland. You could write a book on why I love Cleveland. Swiss people are well educated, there’s good weather and it’s clean. ... TV show? “Dogfights” on the History Channel [about war dogs], “Law & Order” and “Dateline.” ... season? Winter. I love driving in the snow — it’s my favorite winter sport. I have a big American four-door car, but I’m not overcompensating. ... drink? Quad tall soy latte. ... food? Breakfast — just about all of it.
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