Fantasy Makeovers

They have a standing invitation to our homes. Denise, Lee, Romona, Wilma. Cleveland's favorite TV anchorwomen. Our faces on the news.

Click to view a slideshow of the fantasy makeover photos.
But we wanted a fresh perspective on our town's leading ladies. So we asked each of them to play dress-up for us: Allow us to make you over in the fashions and style of an era, a theme or a personality with which you identify.

Would you believe Denise as a big-band singer? Wilma as a starlet in a classic 1940s movie? Romona as a '60s civil-rights activist? Lee as an aviator in the mold of Amelia Earhart?

There's something revealing in each woman's choice. And through the magical work of a very talented makeup artist, hair stylist, wardrobe consultant, reporter, photographer and set designer, we hope to bring you a glimpse of our news anchors as you've never seen them before.

Pick up the August 2003 edition of Cleveland Magazine for the complete story, including behind-the-scenes photos of the makeovers.

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