Fastlane:Dale Jacober

Dale Jacober
Owner and driver, Ready Limousine

Wedding and prom season is here. So it's time to lock up the Yugo and make the call for the long black car. "A ride in a limousine just makes people feel special," says Dale Jacober, owner and driver at Ready Limousine ( in Solon. "And believe me, a lot of special things can happen in a limo."

Jeez, how much does it cost to fill that sucker up with gas now?

Technically it's just a regular sedan cut in half and then they add 4 feet to it. So it's not that bad.

Who is the typical limo customer?

Oh, it's all over the board. I actually have a lot of couples in their 40s who want to head downtown on a Saturday night and rekindle their youth. They usually fall asleep on the way home, though.

Is it true that what happens in the limo stays in the limo?

Absolutely. I'm like a bartender with a steering wheel.

The amenities include?

TV, DVD player, radio, the works. Plus, you can control whether you want the divider up or down. And before you ask, no, I can't see through it.

Interview's over.

I figured.

Do you need a special driver's license?


So then I could drive one.

I saw the way you pulled into the parking lot. We need to talk.

Has anyone ever puked in your limo?

I always seem to get the person out of the car just in time or at least their head out of the window. I do tell people beforehand there is a cleaning and detailing fee.

So what do you do while you're waiting for people?

I read a lot of magazines. Or I'll watch TV or a movie.

Is Tangerine Fahrley's still the cool place to be?

Apparently you haven't been out in a while. West Sixth is the hot spot now.

The ride you'll never forget.

I had a group of women one night who started getting pretty risqué in their discussion. I got embarrassed, so I closed the divider. I'll tell you one thing: Women definitely know how to have a better time than men.

So when you want to go out for a night on the town, who drives you around?

Actually, I'll take the car out when we go for ice cream and my 6-year-old will sit in the back and say, "I don't want to see you," and he'll close the divider.

Hey, my wife says the same thing. And we don't have a divider in our car.

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