Fastlane: Les Flake

Les Flake, "The Beer Guy"

He's got pride. He's got passion. Even more importantly, he's got beer. He's Les "The Beer Guy" Flake, a staple at Jacobs Field, Gund Arena and Cleveland Browns Stadium for more than 30 years. "I've got such a love for my job," he says. "I like to put a smile on people's faces. And if I can't do it, my beer sure will."

So how'd you get started?

Well, I was in high school and I figured it'd be a great way to make some extra cash and hang out at the baseball stadium.

They didn't let you sell beer, though.

No, I was too young. I sold peanuts.

But you wished you sold beer.

Man, I couldn't wait until I turned 21.

Do you get to watch the game at all?

If I'm watching the game, I'm not making money. I'm watching wallets.

So anyway, you've got this famous beer call.

Yeah, it's kind of my trademark.

Can I hear it?

Full blast?

Let 'er rip.


Other than right now, have you ever busted someone's eardrum?

Oh, some people tell me I'm kind of loud. But c'mon, it's a baseball game. I have parents tell me their kids go home and imitate me.

Ever get recognized out of the stadium?

All the time. People always come up to me and say, "Hey, it's the Beer Guy! Do your beer call, Beer Guy!"

So do you?

Nope. I only do it at the ballpark.

What if they offered you $50 to do it?

Well, if you want to pay for it, that's a whole different thing.

When you're sitting at home with your family, do you shout, "Red ketchup here! Who needs some ketchup?"

No, but maybe I should.

What's better for you, a cold day in April or a 90-degree day in August?

I hate the cold. Gimme the heat.

Did you have to learn how to sell beer in the minors before you could sell in the majors?

I've been good from Day One.

At the end of the game, do you get to drink what's left over?


When you were 21, did you wish you got to drink what was left over?

You better believe it.

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