Fastlane: Marion Dailey

Marion Dailey, bartender, Shooters in the Flats

Hot time, summer in the city, people staring at you because you drank too much and your dancing ain't very pretty. At least according to Marion Dailey, bartender at Shooters in the Flats. "The bottom line is, nobody dances until they've had a couple of drinks in them," she says. "Then everybody starts dancing. And believe me, most of these people shouldn't be dancing in public."

Did you go to the Barbizon School of Drink Making?

No, I was a waitress here and then I just kind of jumped into it. Honestly, I think bartending school is useless. They may teach you how to make drinks, but this job is all about doing it under pressure.

Your favorite drink to make.

A beer with a pop-off top.

The hardest drink to make.

Nobody likes to make blender drinks: pina coladas, Miami Vices. They take too long and we're way too busy.

Do you talk people out of them?

All the time, especially guys. They're kind of dumb. They'll pretty much drink anything I tell them.

Best pickup line you've heard.

I'm not really sure that's something you can print.

Can you do that glass-flipping thing?

Yeah, but I wouldn't recommend being near me when I do it.

Better tippers, men or women?

Men. Married men without their wives.

The pigs.

What's this?

Ten dollars for your answer.


Who's rowdier, bachelor or bachelorette parties?

Girls rule. Bachelorette parties are great. There can be seven or eight of them here on a Saturday night. Bachelor parties usually start here for dinner and wind up next door at Christie's [Cabaret].

Most broken glasses in one night.

Let's go with five. And a liquor bottle, too.

Best fake ID.

It's almost impossible to get through the front door with a fake ID here, but I had this kid once who had his picture taped on someone else's ID.

Most inappropriate thing that's ever happened to you.

I had a guy grab me once and before I knew it, our security guys threw him over the fence.

I'm surprised they let me back in.

Me, too.

What does summer mean to you?

Money and parties and chaos.

What does winter mean to you?

No money. No parties. A serious lack of chaos.

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