Health Kickoff

Prevention editor-in-chief Liz Vaccariello returns home this month.
My most recent grocery list included sunflower seeds, avocado and flaxseed oil — all things Prevention magazine’s Liz Vaccariello convinced me I needed to buy.
A former Cleveland Magazine editor, Liz moved to New York City nine years ago and now holds the top job at the nation’s ninth-largest magazine. She’s also written a book, “Flat Belly Diet,” and will visit this month to host a Health for Good festival at the Cleveland Botanical Garden on May 31.
Liz, the wife of photographer Steve Vaccariello and mother of 3-year-old twin girls Oliva and Sophia, has always been physically fit. When she lived here, she exercised daily at One Cleveland Center. These days her workout is walking the parts of her commute from New Jersey not covered by the train. She also does strength training at her gym on weekends. Compared to her old regimen she’s burning hundreds of calories less a week, but she is as lean and strong as ever.
Her secret is monounsaturated fatty acids (or MUFAs), which help prevent weight gain, specifically in the belly (hence my grocery list additions). " Liz’s book preaches a MUFA at every meal. Think grilled portobello and roasted pepper burgers (the MUFA being the pesto you put on it) or pumpkin seed oatmeal topped with MUFA-rich chopped pecans.
“I’ve always eaten the flat belly way,” Liz says. “The whole diet is based on these healthy monounsaturated acids, which have always been a big part of my diet.”
If you want to find out more, stop by to meet Liz at this month’s Health for Good festival, which kicks off with a group stretch on Wade Oval. It will also include beauty consultations, cooking demonstrations and appearances by Prevention fitness guru Chris Freytag and “Flat Belly Diet” co-author Cynthia Sass.
“What really excites me is the fact that I get to bring the faces of Prevention to my hometown,” Liz says. “I love Cleveland.”
For more information about the May 31 Health for Good festival, visit Contact: Liz, 212-573-0504 "
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