Jeff Kapostasy

Jeff Kapostasy,
Sixth-grade reading teacher, Orange School District

>Morning person or night owl? I run in the morning. When I say morning, I mean like 4:30.

>Talking or texting on the phone? Definitely talking; I hate texting. As an English teacher I have a thing for proper grammar and spelling.

>Books or magazines
? Books. My favorite book of all time is “The Catcher in the Rye.”

>Your best feature: Probably empathy. As a teacher, you have to be empathetic to everyone.

>Your ideal date: I thought about this on my run the other day, because I saw that was one of the questions from last year. Picnic at Blossom Music Center with wine and the symphony.

>Three things you can’t live without: My guitar, my music and my Toyota Prius. I play in a band. I play mostly folk and country with these three girls who play a lot of a capella harmonies.

>What would you do if you didn’t have to work? Definitely full-time guitar player.

>How do you feel about living with animals? I love dogs, hardcase ones that are mutts.

>What’s your favorite ... place on earth? Alaska. Five years ago, I went there. My absolute favorite was Denali State Park in Alaska. It was absolutely a life-altering experience. ... way to relax? A beer and my guitar. ... T.V. show? “Seinfeld.” ... movie? “The Graduate.” ... season? Fall. Sports fan? That’s one thing that’s quirky about me: I’m not a big sports fan. I’m a runner, but I don’t watch sports — I get bored too easily. ... drink?  Great Lakes’ Edmund Fitzgerald. ... food? Buffalo chicken wings. Probably Quaker Steak and Lube. It’s terrible for you, but I indulge once in a while.
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