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Sister Diane Stano moved into Ursuline College's newest residence hall for the spring semester to get a feel for the life of today's college students.  A month in, we sat down to find out what they've taught her.

If you were a college student in desperate need of toothpaste at 6 a.m., whom would you ask? For the women living in Ursuline College's newest residence hall, Sister Diane Stano is just a short walk away. After a decade of serving as president of the Pepper Pike college, Sister Stano, 60, decided to live alongside her students during the 2006 spring semester.

Granted, Sister Stano's room is likely different than the one you lived in during college: the spacious, private quarters include a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

The Associated Press picked up Stano's story. but she says it wasn't a publicity stunt -- it was about connecting with her students, which became a bright spot in her day.

"I look forward to going over in the evening, most of all getting to know them better," she says.

Sister Stano shared with us some of the things she's learned in the time she's lived there.


I am used to living in a convent with nine other sisters, so I’m used to being around people.

I am amazed by how much they study. That’s been really good insight for me.

There is a perception that it’s one big party time. There’s freedom, but you start learning after your freshman year that you have to study.

I really thought there would be a little more revelry.

Whenever I’m here I have my door open.

Thursday night is college ID night [at local establishments]. I wasn’t aware of that.

One girl came in, sat down and put her legs right over the chair, which is really good, because then I know they’re starting to feel comfortable.

I’ve watched “American Idol” and “Lost.” I was very lost during “Lost.” I’m having a difficult time figuring this one out.

The television show I haven’t seen yet, but eventually will, is “The O.C.”

There is a little anxiety among the students about leaving college. They’ve had a lot of safety nets and now they’re going to be on their own. I guess I hadn’t thought about that.

It’s nice to be with your friends 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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