Most Eligible Singles

It takes something special to make us glance twice. We found it in a morning news anchor we love waking up with, a spicy entrepreneur who's as passionate about business as her Latin culture, and a Cleveland Cavalier who's a real player ... of the saxophon
Kimberly Gill, 34
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NewsChannel 5 Anchor
How she caught our eye: Despite getting up at 1:45 a.m., this sweetheart of news greets us with a smile every morning. But there's more to this meat-and-potato-loving Southern girl than you see on TV.

Joey Graham, 28
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Cleveland Cavaliers forward
How he caught our eye: On the court, Graham is working hard to make it into the Cavs starting lineup. Off court, he's game for just about anything from cooking to jazz or even a trip to Home Depot.

Kimberly Burant, 25
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Bank internal auditor, Clear Cut Promotions owner and bartender
How she caught our eye: A true social butterfly, Burant is constantly floating from one activity and job to another. This vibrant, smart entrepreneur is worth catching up with ... if you're fast enough.

Chad Zumock, 35
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Co-host of 100.7 WMMS' The Alan Cox Show
How he caught our eye: The stand-up comedian caught our ears first, bringing a little laughter to our evening drives home. That, and we're suckers for a guy in a sweater vest.

Michael Medcalf, 42
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Professional dancer, choreographer and instructor
How he caught our eye: A Cleveland School of the Arts grad, Medcalf has received many honors for his accomplishments in the dance world. He's also laid-back and likes to trade his dancing shoes for a chef's hat.

Mona Vats, 41
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Human resources professional
How she caught our eye: Loyal, fit and dedicated, Vats still has the same friends she's had since she was 7 years old. But to love her, you also have to love her workout schedule. She won't skip a day of exercise, so don't even ask.

Rob Geer, 24
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Musician and graphic designer
How he caught our eye:  We're suckers for guys with guitars, and it doesn't hurt that he's easy on the eyes.

Larry Wilson, 33
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Wilson Approach LLC president, attorney and agent 
How he caught our eye: This lawyer is a former discus thrower with great hands. Plus, he admits that he digs entertainment gossip websites.

Megan Zurkey, 23
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Musician and Rock Hall membership service representative
How she caught our eye: This sweet singer loves life performing and working in the city, but she's also down for an adventure out West.

Brickman, 47

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Real estate developer 
How he caught our eye: Not only is this former Jewish Big Brother of the Year optimistic and good-hearted, but his self-deprecating sense of humor is addictive.

Ellis Cooley, 31
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Amp 150 executive chef
How he caught our eye: This witty charmer knows how to whip up a gourmet feast and keep things hot, but we're not talking about in the kitchen.

Jacinda Walker, 39
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Cleveland Division of Water graphic designer 
How she caught our eyeShe loves to cut loose downtown, but this lifelong artist dreams of seeing art in Italy. And if you take her to a Celine Dion concert, she'll be yours for life.

Joanne Montz, 41
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SkillSoft Co. Learning Strategist 
How she caught our eye: She's a wiz in the business arena, but this single mother really comes alive on the links.

Melody Oakes, 49
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Social worker
How she caught our eye: Not only is this social worker charming and kind-hearted, She stays young through creative activities such as writing digital music and making jewelry.

Jenna Elmore, 29
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Nurse, lead singer in a Top-40 dance band called Twist, and fitness instructor 
How she caught our eye: Brash and sure of herself with a quick laugh and a great bod (courtesy of fitness class gigs), Elmore has a soft side, too. Fulfillment for this nurse means taking great care of her patients.

Charles Carleton, 32
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Cleveland Orchestra bass player
How he caught our eye: This classical musician is not your typical band geek. Educated at Juilliard, the Brazilian-born Carleton is skilled at the performing arts and culinary arts, and he stays active by golfing and skiing.

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