Most Eligible Singles: Andrew Brickman

Andrew Brickman, 47
Real estate developer

How he caught our eye: Not only is this former Jewish Big Brother of the Year optimistic and good-hearted, but his self-deprecating sense of humor is addictive.

The perfect date : My date is able to tolerate my company for an entire evening and agrees to see me again another time.

Something most people don't know about me : I'm involved with an orphanage in India, and I sponsor a soccer team for the orphanage. I'm interested in working with young people to try and inspire them to maximize their potential. I spent a week in a Buddhist monastery in Bhutan that was a six-day walk through the Himalayas through the nearest town. I'm studying Buddhism.

My passion: One of my passions is to try to make Cleveland a better place to be as a result of the real estate development projects. Another one is to work to bring people together from all faiths, all races, from all nationalities and have more tolerance of one another.

Biggest turn-on: Intelligence, humility, compassion and acceptance of me and all my flaws and imperfections

Biggest turnoff: There's so many: intolerance and prejudice based on ignorance.

I own too many: Everything. As Americans, we own too much of everything. We should get rid of 80 percent of the stuff that we have.

My favorite ...
... place in Cleveland:
The rooftop of Eleven River overlooking the Rocky River valley
... book:
Anything by Martin Amos or Mark Twain
... musician/band: My cousin, Jim Brickman, is quite a talent. I also like reggae.
... sports team: Seaface Youth Soccer Club in India
... TV show
: Why live your life when you can watch it on TV?
... vacation destination:
Kiela Villas, Sian Ka'an, Mexico. It's our latest eco-resort development and a UNESCO world heritage site.
dessert: I don't really eat desserts.
... blog: I don't blog.

My usual hangout: Who hangs out? I'm a grown up.

In high school I was ... My friends included the jocks, the stoners and the nerds. [I went to high school somewhere else, but] I grew up in a very small, rural environment. There were only 28 kids in the whole school, all 12 grades.

And now I'm ... older than I feel and an eternal and hopeless optimist

My best feature: I know how to surround myself with individuals more talented than I am, both personally and professionally.

My bad habit: Some people would say that I live too fearlessly, but I think that's a good habit.

My first kiss: I don't kiss and tell.

My guilty pleasure: Ayurvedic treatments and panchakarma

Going out or staying in: I'd rather do both. Go out first, and then return home.

Early, late or right on time: I make an effort to arrive right on time, but very infrequently early.

Dogs or cats: My dog, Mick. He's a Nova Scotia duck toller. They're really cute. They look like a golden retriever with white paws, white chest. I got him because he was the runt of the litter.

Dancing ... yes or no?: Love it. I love to tango.

Twitter ... yes or no?: I won't be Tweeting anytime soon.

My longest relationship: It's hard to say because I'm still in contact with many of my ex-girlfriends.

Beer, wine or martinis: All of the above

Roses or chocolates: With all the beautiful flowers to choose from, the second to last thing I would choose is a rose, and the last thing would be a floral arrangement that had a carnation in it.

My No. 1 dating rule: A good universal rule would be not to date any of your friends' exes. And certainly not if they're their ex-wives.

My deal-breaker: A lack of curiosity, a lack of patience, a lack of kindness and most importantly, a lack of tolerance of me.

I hate when a date ... isn't there when I arrive to pick her up, which happens all too often.

But I love when a date ... exceeds my expectations.

Worst pickup line: I'm the new kid in town.

If I could date anyone: Portia de Rossi, just to take her away from Ellen. If I could accomplish that, that in and of itself would be more than enough.

On a first date I never ... I don't want to say on a first date or for any other situation, that there's nothing I'd ever do.

Best place to meet someone: I think if you're out there and engaged in life, you can meet people in the most unusual places under the most unusual circumstances.

Most unusual place I've met someone: I once was pulled over for speeding by a very attractive police officer. When she was handing back my license to me, she wrote her phone number on a piece of paper that was with it.

My take on Cleveland's single scene: I think for a city of Cleveland's size, there's a wide variety of different people with all sorts of interests. As long as your only venue to interact with other singles is not at a bar someplace, I think you've got a great opportunity to meet people from all different places and all different backgrounds.

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