Most Eligible Singles: Chad Zumock

Chad Zumock, 35
Co-host of 100.7 WMMS' The Alan Cox Show

How he caught our eye: The stand-up comedian caught our ears first, bringing a little laughter to our evening drives home. That, and we're suckers for a guy in a sweater vest.  

The perfect date: A cool bar like the Nauti Mermaid and a sports event in the background. Really, anything casual. I'm not an uppity type guy. I don't try to impress anyone.

Something most people don't know about me: I have a ridiculous pop culture knowledge of '80s TV shows and movies. And I like to fancy myself somewhat of a rap artist.

My passion: Being creative and making people laugh. My mind's a really fun place to hang out.

Biggest turn-on: I like a girl with personality who challenges mine and who is pretty comfortable in her own skin. I will go anywhere, and I like somebody who's down for whatever, too.

Biggest turnoff: I don't like girls who smoke. Any girl who's into Twilight can just keep walking. If Jersey Shore's your favorite show, then good luck to you.

I own too many: Sweater vests. It started as a good luck charm, and now it's a sick obsession. I own 85, but only wear about 25 of them.

My favorite ...
... place in Cleveland:
Progressive Field in the summer and Johnny's on Fulton.
... book:
Paris Hiltons' Confessions of an Heiress. That book will make you say James Patterson who?
... musician/band: The Beastie Boys. In my mind, I think I'm the fourth Beastie Boy.
... sports team: All three Cleveland teams. I'm die-hard.
... TV show: Arrested Development
... vacation destination: Anywhere with warm weather or New York or Chicago.
... dessert: I've the diet of a 16-year-old pregnant woman. I love anything sweet, especially birthday cake and the chocolate devotion from Cold Stone Creamery.
... blog: My blog's pretty sweet. I also like, and

My usual hangout: I hang out at the Improv or Funny Stop. I love the bars in Lakewood, usually Merry Arts, Riverwood and Brothers Lounge.

In high school I was ... a clown.
And now I'm ...
a clown, and I'm being paid for it. And I have health insurance.

My best feature: My ankles. Nobody in Cleveland has my ankles.

My bad habit: Checking my phone. I'm pretty obnoxious about it. I'm a social media junky.

My first kiss: Behind Friendly's ice cream in Kent. That's where everybody made out after school dances. She broke up with me a week later.

My guilty pleasure: The Kardashians. They don't keep up with themselves. We had Kim Kardashian on the phone once, but she hung up on us.

How my ex would describe me: I once had an ex, looking for me in Vegas, describe me like this to a cop: Brown hair, blue eyes, in his 30s and he acts like he's 16.

Going out or staying in: I'm out. I'm never home. I might as well rent a storage bin.

Early, late or right on time: I'm always right on time. That's my best quality.

Dogs or cats: Dogs. I hate cats. Dogs rule.

Dancing ... yes or no?: When I'm hammered, I think I'm Justin Timberlake. I will dance my ass off.

Twitter ... yes or no?: Yes, too much. I gotta get off that thing. I'm obsessed with followers.

My longest relationship: 3.5 years. I ruined 3.5 years of some woman's life.

Beer, wine or martinis: Cleveland has the best microbrews, and I really like Great Lakes. When I drink liquor, it's vodka on the rocks.

Roses or chocolates: I'd probably go flowers. Why encourage a girl to eat chocolate?

My No. 1 dating rule: Do not talk about Fight Club. That's my No. 1 rule. I'm sorry. Just bear with me.

My deal-breaker: A girl that says, "I don't mind Justin Bieber." Chances are we have nothing in common at all.

I hate when a date ... Asks for a to-go box. Then she has to carry that thing around all night.

But I love when a date ... can just go with it and have a great time. Have fun, laugh. I like to be spontaneous and like when they just enjoy the adventure.

Worst pickup line: Probably something I've said.

If I could date anyone: Betty White. She's very mature. And she has a great sense of humor.

On a first date I never ... I never tell them I'm obsessed with Uncle Joey from Full House. I'm sorry. I can't be serious.

Best place to meet someone: A majority of the girls I've met are through work or friends, or hammered at a Browns tailgate.

Most unusual place I've met someone: MySpace. It was really creepy.

My take on Cleveland's single scene: I think Cleveland is the toughest place to meet someone. For some reason or another here, a lot of women have a selfish, righteous attitude. I just like to talk to people and get to know them. Here, I don't know what it is. People need to be more open.
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