Most Eligible Singles: Joey Graham

Joey Graham, 28
Cleveland Cavaliers forward

How he caught our eye: On the court, Graham is working hard to make it into the Cavs starting lineup. Off court, he's game for just about anything from cooking to jazz or even a trip to Home Depot. 

The perfect date: I'm a movie guy, and I'm a chef, so probably dinner and movie. If it's not me cooking and that person picking out a movie, it's vice versa. I love Italian food.

Something most people don't know about me: I'm a pilot. It's uncharacteristic to see a big tall athlete flying planes. That's the last thing you would think I would know how to do. It took me a few months to get my license. My father was a Navy pilot so I've been around it my whole life.

My passion: Besides basketball, it's cooking and flying planes. But I've been playing basketball since I was little. When I grew six inches in one summer it kind of helped me out and I stuck with basketball. There's just something about the game. It's more physical than what people think it is.

Biggest turn-on: Initially, I am attracted to beauty, but the biggest turn-on for me is their faith, if they're a religious person. I'm a big-time Christian. They also need to be family-oriented. They have to like sports because that's what I do.

Biggest turnoff: I do like athletic women, so if they're not athletic at all, that's one thing that desensitizes me. And also if they're not big into family, that's a big turnoff.

I own too many: Shoes. I usually give a lot of them away, but there aren't many people who wear a size 15, 16 shoe. I have hundreds. There are a lot still in boxes I haven't even opened.

My favorite ...
... place in Cleveland:
My bed. It's nice and warm, especially right around this time when its snowing and cold.
... book: The Bible. It has so many life lesson and stories that apply to every day. You can't help but read it and learn something and grow from it. You can turn to any page, and it can apply to your life some way.
... musician/band:
I grew up playing the saxophone and the piano so it was Dave Koz and Kenny G. I played in jazz band, marching band. I did all that stuff. I still pick it up once in a while.
... sports team:
It would have to be the Indianapolis Colts. But it would have to be when Tony Dungy was there. Back when he was in Tampa Bay I used to baby sit his kids. He used to let us come out and play football.
... TV show:
Martin Lawrence Show . He's just so funny. I'm a big comedy guy.
... vacation destination:
I love the Caribbean islands. I've been to Trinidad, the Bahamas, Jamaica. I love their food, their style.
... dessert: Caramel. So anything with it. I love Häagen-Dazs dulce de leche.
... blog:
I don't do much blogging. I pretty much browse everything. There isn't one that I go to every day.

My usual hangout: Right now it's the practice facility. I'm there pretty much every day. Other than that its my house. On my couch or in my bed.

In high school I was ... very shy.
And now I'm ... a little bit more outgoing. A little bit more.

My best feature: My smile ... and my body.

My bad habit: I never want to say anything bad about myself, so let's see if I can come up with something. I'm serious a lot. Sometimes I don't show emotion. I might not look like I'm smiling but I really am.

My first kiss: In the seventh grade this girl who was on the track team with me, just ran and kissed me. Then she kept running. I didn't want to catch her.

My guilty pleasure: Twizzlers and ice cream. I've got to have Twizzlers.

How my ex would describe me: She would say that I'm a good person, an overall great guy.

Going out or staying in: Staying in.

Early, late or right on time: Early. I'm a military kid. My dad said if you're on time, you're late.

Dogs or cats: Dogs. I have three dogs. Two pit bulls, CoCo and King and a Rottweiler, Bishop. It's a full-time parenting job.

Dancing ... yes or no?: Absolutely.

Twitter ... yes or no?: No. I'm not a big fan. I'm more of a private person. I don't need people to know all of my business.

My longest relationship: Probably a year. I'm gone all the time. If they live in another city, it's very tough.

Beer, wine or martinis: Wine. Malbecs. I do like the occasional beer. Right now I'm on a Belgian beer kick.

Roses or chocolates: To give: both. You can't beat that. To get: chocolates. I'd rather eat the chocolates.

My No. 1 dating rule: Be completely 100 percent honest at all times. That is one of my pet peeves. Be genuine and be you. Be sincere and we will get along fine.

My deal-breaker: They have to be a Christian. I don't want to change someone and instill my beliefs on them. 

I hate when a date ... is a controlling person. I'm a manly man. I hate when a woman tries to dictate everything from the conversation. Don't nag. I hate nagging.

But I love when a date ... can get along with my sarcasm. If they are sarcastic right back with me, we can laugh about it. I talk a lot of junk.

Worst pickup line: I don't have a pick up line. I'm not a cheese ball.

If I could date anyone: I used to have a Halle Berry obsession, but then it turned into  Paula Patton. They are just so sexy.

On a first date I never ... can't say kiss. If it happens it happens.

Best place to meet someone: The grocery store. Or Home Depot — if they are independent and I catch them there being all crafty. Yeah, man.

Most unusual place I've met someone: In college, I was at the rec center playing basketball, and this attractive girl thought she could beat me. I didn't let her win, but I ended up taking her out.

My take on Cleveland's single scene: I'm too new to the city, and I'm not out in the clubs. If I do see someone it would have to be out at some place like Walmart or at a game.
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