Most Eligible Singles: Megan Zurkey

Megan Zurkey, 23
Musician and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum membership service representative

How she caught our eye: This sweet singer loves life performing and working in the city, but she's also down for an adventure out West.

The perfect date: Something unplanned, where you go place to place because you never have enough of that person.

Something most people don't know about me: As much as I'm a city girl, I love exploring the West: national parks, off-roading on red rock. Anything like Colorado, Arizona, Utah.

My passion: Music, definitely. Dance and writing.

Biggest turn-on: Confidence, where the guy is an equal to me. He doesn't act better than me, he doesn't act like he doesn't deserve me — we're just equal.

Biggest turnoff: Smoking, for sure

I own too many: Clothes

My favorite ...
... place in Cleveland:
I love the Rock Hall; it's Cleveland's shining light to me. I'm surrounded by music and such success stories and inspiration. Also I love Progressive Field, but can I say Jacob's Field? It's the Jake to me.
... book: The Bible
... musician/band:
Oh no, that's impossible. Honestly anything from James Taylor and Eric Clapton to Kelly Clarkson.  I really like Third Day. They are a Christian band, but they have some killer sound.
... sports team:
I'm not a fair-weather Cleveland fan. I love all three, all the time whether they're winning or losing or trading people who shouldn't be traded.
... TV show: 
Desperate Housewives
... vacation destination:
I'd love to take someone road-tripping with me on a kind of planned, a kind of spontaneous trip where I could take them to places people don't even realize we have in our own country. I'd also really like to go back to London. I went when I was really young, and it was beautiful.
... dessert: Apple Pie with whipped cream
... blog:
I don't really read blogs.

My usual hangout : Downtown Cleveland or Lakewood, going out or for low-key dinners with friends.

In high school I was ... super busy. I was a cheerleader, a singer, and in dance classes. I did everything, but I had a ball.
And now I'm ... a musician and a Rock Hall employee and still super busy. I love doing all kinds of music ventures. I would never want of hope to be famous, but I just love performing and writing. I get to do what I love.

My best feature : Does it have to be physical? Probably my love of life and my spirit. People say I say I light up a room because I have all this energy!

My bad habit: Shopping

My first kiss: Oh gosh. Sixth grade on a trampoline, it was a French kiss and everybody knew about it at school the next day.

My guilty pleasure: I guess because of the word "guilty," I'd have to say Hannah Montana.

How my ex would describe me: Very thoughtful and spontaneous and trust-worthy.

Going out or staying in: Both, but mostly go out.

Early, late or right on time: I'm usually right on time; on a date I want the same thing because fashionably late is kind of rude.

Dogs or cats: I'm a cat person. I have a cat named Scarlet. She acts like a dog.

Dancing ... yes or no?: Yes, all the time.

Twitter ... yes or no?: Yes, meganzurkey. It has a link to my web page.

My longest relationship: About a year, maybe a little longer

Beer, wine or martinis : I have to say all three. It depends on my mood, but I really love all three.

Roses or chocolates: Roses. Well, tulips actually.

My No. 1 dating rule: Don't make any expectations because I would never want to judge a guy before I knew him.

My deal-breaker: Answering a phone call [during a date]. That's really awkward.

I hate when a date ... tries too hard.

But I love when a date ... Pauses to look into my eyes, and just enjoys the moment

Worst pickup line: Probably something about being an angel that had fallen from heaven. Just say that in real form, use your personality, and be original.

If I could date anyone: Cory Monteith from Glee. He's adorable.

On a first date I never ... drink too much

Best place to meet someone: Probably with your girlfriends because they act like a buffer and the guy isn't as nervous.

My take on Cleveland's single scene: I don't know yet. I've been so focused on other things; I haven't had a chance to really explore.
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