Most Eligible Singles: Melody Oakes

Melody Oakes, 49
Social worker

How she caught our eye: Not only is this social worker charming and kind-hearted, She stays young through creative activities such as writing digital music and making jewelry. 

The perfect date: A perfect date doesn't depend on where you go or the activity for the chemistry and connection between us.

Something most people don't know about me: I actually have spent time writing digital music. It was electronic instrumental music. I love working with guitar loops and writing my own percussion parts. I started in 2003 and have a CD that I listen to in my car.

My passion: Helping other people be as open to life experiences as I have

Biggest turn-on: If a guy has mastered something, show me. If he's certain of his skills, I love to see that. I need a man that can teach me something.

Biggest turnoff: Fear of risk

I own too many: Pieces of jewelry because I make jewelry

My favorite ...
... place in Cleveland: At the moment, Café Tandoor.
... book: Dr. Seuss The Sleep Book
... musician/band:
Underground Intelligent Dance Music (IDM). I like a wide variety of music, but I especially love music that I can dance to.
... sports team:
Youngstown State Penguins (football). My father is a professor at Youngstown State, and he's always wearing shirts with penguins on them.
... TV show: Fringe
... vacation destination:
South Carolina coast
... dessert:
Chocolate brownie

My usual hangout: At home aka "The Purple Palace." I applied a lot of the principles of feng shui throughout the house. I made it a space that I love being in. As far as outside the house, there is a record shop in Lakewood called the Bent Crayon, where I only go a couple times a year because it's that special to me.

In high school I was ... not as academic as I should have been.
And now I'm ...
pretty darn happy with nearly every aspect of my life.

My best feature: My intuition

My bad habit: Giving in to my food cravings

My first kiss: It was under an umbrella in the rain. We were both so shocked after that we ran away from each other. I was young.

My guilty pleasure: Old Ricky Martin music

How my ex would describe me: He would say I'm wonderful. It was a very, very long distance relationship. He lived in Germany, and I live here.

Going out or staying in: I like to balance the two. I go out maybe two nights a week.

Early, late or right on time: Right on time

Dogs or cats: Both

Dancing ... yes or no?: Heck yes

Twitter ... yes or no?: No

My longest relationship: 18-plus years

Beer, wine or martinis: Vodka straight

Roses or chocolates: Roses

My No. 1 dating rule: Don't be afraid to take a risk. Trying to break out of my comfort zone with people. When you first meet anyone, there is a period where you try to size up a person. You can be safe or you can be honest and direct, and that's what I prefer.

My deal-breaker: A closed mind

I hate when a date ... is failed at first glance.

But I love when a date ... blossoms into more and more dimensions.

Worst pickup line: Someone said, "You should come to a party and bring some friends with boobs."

If I could date anyone: Spend an evening talking to Peter Gabriel

On a first date I never ... have preconceptions

Best place to meet someone: while living your daily life

Most unusual place I've met someone: I was on an overnight train from Sicily to Rome.

My take on Cleveland's single scene: My friend's say it's thriving. I hear many dating stories from my single friends.
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