Most Eligible Singles: Rachelle King

Rachelle King, 36
The Studio salon owner and hair stylist

How she caught our eye: This fun, spunky hair stylist loves Cleveland and all its offerings. And it loves her back: Last year, Crain's Cleveland Business named this career woman one of its Top 40 Under 40.

The perfect date: It would involve art, maybe a museum, and something fun, like dinner and dancing.

Something most people don't know about me : I read and journal every day. I journal about life, the situations that I'm in and how I handle them and intuition.

My passion: I'm very passionate about Cleveland. You have all major sporting events, you have awesome restaurants, we have the lake — you can't beat that. And I love the art museum and the theater district.

Biggest turn-on: I like smart people. I like people that make me learn. You can learn so many things from different people. I like people who inspire me to be a better person.

Biggest turnoff: Boring people. I don't like people who are like Eeyore.

I own too many : Shoes, stilettos. I love high heels.

My favorite ...
... place in Cleveland:
There's many places I love. Top three: 1. Ohio City/West Side Market 2. The art museum 3. Driving on [state Route] 2. I love the view of the city. When I'm driving, I look at the whole skyline of the city, and it's like, I know why I'm here.
... book:
I like anything from Dr. Wayne Dyer. I love Janet Evanovich. She makes me belly laugh — literally, belly laugh. I've been in airports reading her books, and people look at me, and I'm like, "You don't understand; you need to read this."
... musician/band: If I had to pick one, Maroon 5. I always love every song. I'm eclectic on music, I go all the way to country.
... sports team: Cleveland Indians because I like being outside in the summer.
... TV show:
I hate to say it, but I don't watch TV. I'm living life, not watching life. TV bores me, but I'll watch a movie every once in awhile.
... vacation destination: I love Puerto Rico. I fall into the warm, tropical side of life, so anywhere there is a beach, a martini and a margarita and some salsa music.
... dessert: Apple pie a la mode. You can never go wrong with a piece of hot apple pie with ice cream on it.
... blog:
I don't blog

My usual hangout: I can't say that there's one place where I'm hanging out. I like lots of places.

In high school I was ... popular. I liked everybody.

And now I'm ... not the same girl that I was in high school. Still popular.

My best feature: My personality. I think I'm a 7, but my personality is a 10.

My bad habit: I'm messy. I call myself organized chaos.

My first kiss: I don't know what year that was, but it was in the movie theater, watching Top Gun.

My guilty pleasure: I don't feel guilty about anything I enjoy. I just enjoy life.

How my ex would describe me: He would describe me as energetic, silly, whimsical and passionate.

Going out or staying in: Both, but with the right person I'd rather stay in.

Early, late or right on time: Most people think I'm late. I think that I'm right on time, but I always try to be early.

Dogs or cats: Dogs. I think dogs love you unconditionally, and cats are catty.

Dancing ... yes or no?: Absolutely. I love to ballroom dance. When I became a single lady, it was something I really enjoyed doing. It was a challenge for me, and it was really fun. I love the cha-cha, salsa and meringue. Swing is my best, but I love all the dances that are fast.

Twitter ... yes or no?: I have a Twitter account, but I don't twitter much. I'm not as much of a Twitterbug as I should be.

My longest relationship: Nine years

Beer, wine or martinis: All of the above. For beer I love Bar Cento, ABC Tavern, Garage Bar. Anywhere on Fourth Street I would do martinis. Wine's good anytime anywhere, red or white.

Roses or chocolates: Roses, because I'll eat the chocolate, and I don't need to gain weight.

My No. 1 dating rule: I think rules are meant to be broken. I don't have a height discrimination, a huge age discrimination, and I'm not hung up on color.

My deal-breaker: I am not into smokers. I might go on a date or two, but then I'll think it through. I don't want someone going outside for 10 minutes while I'm sitting at the bar.

I hate when a date ... doesn't talk. I have to have good conversation.

But I love when a date ... makes me laugh. I like stories, I'm not much for punchline jokes. I like someone who's real. If you can make me laugh and carry on a conversation, that's what it's about.

Worst pickup line: I just ignore them.

If I could date anyone: George Clooney. He's been a bachelor forever. Why is that man still a bachelor? I want to know. He's hot; he's aged so well. I'm a Bon Jovi fan, too. I love the fact that he's still married to the same woman, and he still loves his little town. I'm in love with John Stamos, too. I love that silly little show he was in.

On a first date I never ... You never know what you're going to do. I'm one of those crazy people. As soon as I say never, I end up doing it.

Best place to meet someone: I think you can meet people anywhere. Not in a club, that's not where I'm looking, but I think you can find them at the gas station if it's the right person.

Most unusual place I've met someone: Grocery store, post office, art gallery

My take on Cleveland's single scene: I don't pay attention to it very much. I don't mind being single.
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