Most Interesting People 2010 - Beth Hollis

Beth Hollis
Reference Librarian
& Rubber City
Roller Girl | 54

Why she’s interesting … By day she attacks the bookshelves and answers questions in the pop culture section of the Akron-Summit County Library. By night she hits the roller derby rink (and occasionally a few derby girls) as MegaBeth, the oldest member of the Rubber City Roller Girls roller derby league. “It’s an intellectual information pace by day and a rowdy pace at night.”

Knitting no-no … Full empty nest syndrome set in after her youngest son graduated college. Looking for something to spice up her life, Hollis tried her hand at knitting but “failed miserably.” As her classmates stitched up a storm, Hollis couldn’t keep up, and the instructor, in a “very sweet way,” suggested she look for a new hobby.

She found one … a short time later, answering a sign-up ad for the league. When she found out there was no age limit, she hit the rink and found she could keep up with the 20-somethings on her team.

Knock on wood … So far she hasn’t broken anything.

Age is just a number … “Nobody treats me like I’m 30 years older than everyone.” They expect her to skate just as fast and hit just as hard.

But she hits harder … As a pivot, it’s Hollis’ job to lead the pack and set the pace for game play, and there is one play she’ll never forget. “I took a block on this particularly large woman and took her out. At that moment I thought, Yeah, I can do this.”

Book of choice … Anna Karenina. “It’s a wonderful love story.”

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