Most Interesting People 2010 - Betsy Kling

Betsy Kling
Channel 3 meteorologist | 34

Why she’s interesting … She’s as lively as our weather, works hard to deliver an accurate forecast and is as friendly and engaging off the air as she is on. Now that she has a daughter, 1-year-old Josie, she’s seeing the weather in a new way.

Earliest weather memory … The Copley native remembers fearing tornadoes and thunderstorms. “My mom always knew. I would start rearranging furniture. That’s how I burned off my nervous energy.”

A stormy start … A Bowling Green University dorm mate suggested she take meteorology. “It was the hardest class I’ve ever taken. The problem was that I was so fascinated by it that I wanted to understand everything.” She’s since found that, when it comes to weather, you’ll never understand completely.

Favorite season … Fall. “It’s so fun to take walks with Josie because everything is so new. The first time after the leaves fell, she was walking and stopped and looked down, wondering what was making all the noise. She was stomping and playing in the leaves. It was a newfound joy.”

In the family … Her husband, Paul Thomas, is a reporter for Channel 3.

Weather worries … Recently, Kling predicted that it would be overcast, but when the sun peeked out by noon, she freaked out because she said it’d be cloudy all day. When the sun went away, she told her husband, “OK, the sun’s gone; that’s good.”

His response … “You’re the only person in Northeast Ohio who says that.”

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