Most Interesting People 2010 - Danielle DeBoe

Danielle DeBoe
Boutique owner | 32

Why she’s interesting … After opening Room Service, an art-centric lifestyle store in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood, in 2007, DeBoe used her love of all things local to create a series of Made in 216 shopping events designed to highlight Northeast Ohio designers.

Campfire chats … “I have to admit, it wasn’t my lifelong dream.” DeBoe was sitting around a campfire with friends in August 2007 when someone suggested she open her own store. “By the end of September, I had quit my job and had the keys to the store.”

Location, location, location … “When I decided to open a store, I never even looked in one other neighborhood, never considered one other neighborhood. I walk to work most days. I actually refer to [the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood] as my little island. I rarely leave my island. I’ve got Luxe, I’ve got Happy Dog, I’ve got a coffee shop, I’ve got entertainment.”

Design on a dime … “I feel it is so easy to find good design at a high price point, but I do know there are products available that are affordable and attainable. There just didn’t seem to be anyone in Cleveland really doing that at the time.”

Hometown advocate … DeBoe held her first Made in 216 event in June 2008 with 12 artists and another in November with 52 artists.

Hot items … Jewelry by local designers Modern Pixie and Océanne. “I can’t keep them in the store. They are such a big hit.”

On her ever-changing inventory … “I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. But it’s me. I really can’t look at the same thing every day.”

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