Most Interesting People 2013: Bill Squire

Bill Squire

comedian, 30

Mission accomplished Squire was a Mormon missionary, which turned out to be a great training ground for comedy. "The one aspect of that I liked a lot was public speaking. I liked the challenge of making a very weird religion into something entertaining. I tried to make it fun and make it funny for people."

Of course, you can have too much fun Squire detailed the funny business that got him in trouble with his church on his blog at (Long story short: It involved a strip club and hooking up with girls.) "I got excommunicated from the church and sent home," says Squire, who tried standup for the first time a month later at a bar in Medina.

Yes, he's outrageous. Yes, you'll laugh "I say some things [in my act] that every time I say them, I think people are going to lynch me. Then, they're like, 'Hey, that's funny,' and I'm like, All right! I thought so, too."

The appeal of comedy "Being funny with just a microphone always seemed like something I could achieve. I like how it's all on me. ... I love [sketch] comedy, I just don't have the patience or desire to deal with people that much. I like to show up at a gig, walk on stage and start saying my thoughts.

Advice for fledgling comics Don't fill the audience with people you know. "I wasn't good at first — nobody is. A lot of times people will do their first show in front of a lot of friends and family and get a false sense of confidence."

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