Jason Kipnis

Most Interesting People 2013: Jason Kipnis

Jason Kipnis

Cleveland Indians second baseman, 25

Why he's interesting Kipnis is coming off his first full season in the major leagues as the starting second baseman for the Cleveland Indians. Quickly becoming a fan favorite after a 36-game stint with the Tribe in 2011, Kipnis played in 152 out of 162 games in 2012, leading the team in stolen bases and tying for the lead in triples and RBIs.

Vacation time The Chicago native is planning a trip to Europe this winter with friends, traveling through Spain with stops in the Canary Islands, Seville and Barcelona. "My friends who have studied abroad all rave about it, but I've never had the chance to go over. I'm looking forward to it. I think on our last day we'll be going to a Barcelona soccer game. I can't wait."

Defensive moves Kipnis would rather play defense than step into the batter's box. "With hitting, you can do everything right. You can hit off a tee, take [batting practice], watch film of the pitcher, and then you hit a line drive and it goes right at someone and you're 0-for-1. There's a lot more that can go wrong."

Feels like home "The city has done nothing but grow on me since I got here. The fans alone are just another reason why I'm hoping to bring a winning season, a winning team and a winning tradition to the Indians."

The grind The toughest thing about his job that fans might not realize? "It's no longer playing a game, just showing up and hoping your ability will take over. You're required, you're asked of, you're paid to play and be as prepared as you can for every single game. It's hard to get up for every single game, 162 times, without many breaks, sometimes without much sleep. That's the most difficult task ... being at the highest level every single day."

His new boss Kipnis is looking forward to playing under new Indians manager Terry Francona. "He has already called me probably four or five times. I'm excited. He seems like a great guy and all I've heard of him are good things, so I think it will be a great change for us."

Regards to Broadway The most embarrassing thing on his DVR? "Glee. I grew up going to theater shows and musicals when I was younger. I love music. I think I have the whole soundtrack of like Hairspray and probably some other embarrassing show tunes on my iPod."

Brand name "I know [the fans] have the 'We Are All Kipnisses' going right now, but that's just a play on words from the other guy. Hopefully we'll earn our own here soon."

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