Most Interesting People 2014: Tim Richards

Tim Richards


WHY HE'S INTERESTING: He's been on the air for the last 11 years, first as a disc jockey for Q92 and Q104, and now as Jen Toohey's co-host for the Jen and Tim in the Morning show on Cleveland's New 102. But it isn't his voice that makes him interesting. He's a Northeast Ohioan who gets involved — intentionally driving into traffic jams to give real-time reports of slowdowns and showing up for Browns home games no matter how wrecked the season. When he's not bringing his real life to the radio, he's putting his time and energy into helping out local charities.

ODD COUPLE: Richards and Toohey, who dated seven years ago, were reunited on Valentine's Day last year as co-hosts. "I know what she's saying before she says it. She knows where I'm going before I say it. We talk about our relationships with Cleveland, our relationships with sports and our past relationships. It's truly about relationships with people and relationships with the community."

Cleveland pride: "We don't have to talk about Cleveland as an outsider like another radio station would do. Clevelanders embrace that, because I live exactly what they're living. I live through the Browns — I lived through The Drive."

SPEAKING OF THE BROWNS: Richards is a season ticket holder, but that doesn't mean he's happy with our professional football team. "If you go to the grocery store and they have high prices and the meat is awful, are you going to go back? There's no way you'd go back. The Browns have been an awful product for how long? And we go back all the time."

LAUGH OUT LOUD: Richards wasn't always a radio guy (in fact, he has a degree in engineering), but his father's ability to make everyone laugh inspired him to get into communications. "I was just in awe of the attention he would get, and I wanted to be like that. I don't think there's any better sound than somebody laughing. I don't care how awful the laugh is."

FUN RAISER: Richards participates in various charitable causes, including March's Polar Bear Plunge to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. "There are so many charities and people doing a lot of good. If someone can hear me on the radio and either donate or show up or heighten awareness at their workplace, I've done my job."

SINGLE FILE: Since getting the honor from Cleveland Magazine in 2009, Richards has remained steadfast as a Sexy Single, but if there's one woman who can win over his heart, it's Alyssa Milano. "I love her to death. I used to watch Who's the Boss? all the time back in the day. If I met her, I would probably clam up. I'd be like, 'Hey, uh ... ' and then vomit all over myself."

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