Most Interesting People: Bill Guentzler

Artistic director for the Cleveland International Film Festival

Age • 31

Why he’s interesting • Guentzler hits the coolest film festivals from Vancouver to London to select movies for our city’s annual showcase.

The harsh reality • Only a quarter of his job is actually watching films. “The rest is office work.”

Someone give this man an eye massage • “You have to watch hundreds and hundreds of films and actually enjoy it. My record is nine.” That’s in one day.

“The One” • ”Das Boot.” “I watched it with my dad. ... I was between 5 and 10. I loved watching subtitles. I loved how they could do that.”

Popcorn pounds • He’s had to cut himself off completely from snacking while viewing. “I overeat. I try to eat in between.”

Siskel & Ebert or Ebert & Roeper? • “Somebody else — anybody else!”

Most underrated movie • “I can’t pick one — so many films that I see on the festival circuit just deserve so much more interest, and they don’t get it just because Hollywood puts out so much bad stuff.”

His other favorite film fest • The Vancouver International Film Festival. “It’s so laid back; you can see so many films.” He’s even allowed to take movies back to his hotel room to watch.

The desert-island film list • “Amélie,” “Donnie Darko” and “Secretary”
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