Most Interesting People: Daniel Gibson

Basketball player

Age • 21

Why he’s interesting • As a rookie, “Boobie” took Game 6 of the 2007 Eastern Conference Finals by storm, scoring 31 points in 29 minutes in the win over the Detroit Pistons that sent the Cavaliers to the NBA Finals.

His dream one-on-one opponent
• Isiah Thomas (“in his prime when he was scoring 50 on the Knicks and dunking on people”)

Learning from LeBron
• “He’s taught me so much. The biggest thing would be preparation and the way you mentally approach a basketball game. I’m kind of just laid back, out there having fun, smiling. He said that’s all cool, but in the end understand the task at hand.”

On wearing No. 1 • “It symbolizes the best,” he says. “If you wear No. 1, you understand that’s what goes with it, and you won’t accept [anything] less than being the best player you can be.”

Being “Boobie”
• The nickname started by his mother and grandmother went away for a while once he got older. “When I went through puberty, I decided everybody just can’t be calling me ‘Boobie.’ When I got here, it came back. [My teammates] embraced me like the little brother on the team.”

Favorite restaurant • Just Like Mom’s on Superior Avenue for their chicken wings, fried shrimp, greens, yams and mashed potatoes

His secret talent • Bowling (sort of). His highest game was 222. “I play to the level of my competition. If you start bowling strikes, I’d probably start bowling strikes.”

Favorite TV show • “The Contender.” “If I wasn’t in basketball, I would probably be a boxer. I like fighting, getting out there and beating up on somebody. It looks pretty fun.”
His dream car • “Being from Texas, my favorite car has got to be an old-school Cadillac with big rims and big stereo.”

His biggest splurge • His two German shepherds. “I was a second-round draft pick, so I try to save my money a little.”
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