Most Interesting People: Edward Douglas

Filmmaker, composer

Age • 35

Why he’s interesting • Last summer, he brought his horror film “The Dead Matter” to life at the old Mansfield Reformatory, snagging seasoned actors such as Andrew Divoff, of ABC’s “Lost” and the forthcoming “Indiana Jones” movie, to star in the region’s largest locally financed independent film ever. Douglas is also half of Midnight Syndicate, a two-man music act that has created the modern sound track to Halloween with its creepy orchestral compositions, featured on “Monday Night Football” and Xbox video games.

“The Dead Matter” in 40 words or less • “It blends vampires and zombies and intertwines them in a very interesting web. It’s also about a girl who recently lost her brother in a car wreck, and she comes across this amulet with some occult powers.”

Keeping it local • Douglas says he is proud the film crew was “99 percent” Ohioans.

One guess who’s doing the soundtrack • Midnight Syndicate. It will be the duo’s first release since “Out of the Darkness — Retrospective 1994-1999” in 2006.

Top 5 horror movies • 1. “Aliens,” 2. “The Ring,” 3. “The Exorcist,” 4. “The Shining,” 5. “The Sixth Sense” (“Horror movies are my hobby. I’m going to stop right there, because I could go on.”)

Other creepy influences • “Tales From the Crypt” comic books. “They are great, cool little stories. The quick pops and twists — I always liked those.”

His first Halloween costume • Superman

What’s next • Douglas is now editing “The Dead Matter” and is in talks with distributors. If all goes well, you may be able to see it by late ’08 or early ’09.
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