Most Interesting People: Jack and Lauren Marschall

He is a television reporter.
She is an orthodontic assistant and firefighter/paramedic

Ages • 55 and 23

Why they’re interesting • This father-daughter pair each donated a kidney at the same time and documented much of the process on NewsChannel5. Lauren’s kidney went to her Uncle Kenny. Jack’s went to a man in West Virginia. He initially wanted to help Kenny, but when he learned he wasn’t a match, he decided to donate it to a stranger.

What hurt? • Coughing, sneezing, laughing, getting out of bed

His first time on TV • Age 18 as a reporter at Kent State University’s student-run station, TV-2

Her first time on TV • Age 5 on an Indians commercial for Channel 43, when her dad worked for the station. She got free hot dogs.

Bad hair days • “When your emotions are high, and the day you’re going to get out of the hospital you realize a camera will be there, I just wanted to stay in the hospital another week,” Lauren says.

Who has the better scar • It’s a toss-up. “We compared our wounds when we were recuperating at home,” Jack says. Lauren’s scar is very mild — just as a young, attractive woman would want. Jack’s scar is a tad more prominent. “I had more skin to play around with than Lauren,” he says. So, it’s more bad-ass. Just like any guy would want.

When they awoke from surgery, were either of them in a tub of ice with a note taped to the wall? • Man, even Jack didn’t chuckle at this joke.

Lasting impressions • “When you give the gift of life, you’ll never be the same,” Jack says. “It’s a miraculous and amazing feeling we’ll have with us for the rest of our lives.”
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