Most Interesting People: Rachael Spieth


Age • 24

Why she's interesting • At an age when most people subsist on entry-level jobs and bar food, Spieth is an executive chef at one of the best restaurants in town — Three Birds in Lakewood.

How it happened • Spieth grew up in Macedonia. In high school, her culinary curiosity bloomed. She began taking cooking classes and, eight days after graduation, left for culinary school in Pennsylvania.

Best meal she ever ate • The nine-course tasting menu at Thomas Keller's Per Se in New York City, including pan-seared veal and foie gras

Required reads • "A Chef for All Seasons" by Gordon Ramsay and "Culinary Artistry" by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page

Outside of the kitchen • You'll find Spieth reading cookbooks, watching cooking shows or Googling for more culinary information. In the winter (her favorite season by far), she takes to the slopes to go snowboarding.

Rachael Ray or Anthony Bourdain? • Bourdain. "I'm straightforward just like him."

Meaty issues • Spieth likes pork, especially served with some sort of cider sauce. She has no use for salmon.

Why is my pork tenderloin bad? • Most people overcook pork, drying it out. Two steps to cooking it right, says Spieth: Sear it in very hot olive oil. Then, throw it in a 450-degree oven for five to seven minutes.

Her little secret • She snacks on children's foods, including juice boxes and those teeny containers of applesauce and yogurt.

Next • Spieth, who's only been eligible to drink for three years, is trying to develop her wine palate.
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