Most Interesting People: Stephanie Beane

Race car driver

• 11

Why she’s interesting
• The 11-year-old drives a car 95 mph, earning her a place in Guinness World Records as the youngest stock-car racer ever.

How is that possible? • From age 3, she just had the knack, flooring go-carts as she giggled. And her dad, who used to race himself, had the know-how. Stephanie started racing go-carts at 4, then advanced quickly through every division of youth racing. Her career faltered when no racetrack owner would accept the risk of letting someone so young race on an adult track. Although it’s legal for an 11-year-old to drive on private property, liability is a separate issue.

The dream • NASCAR, of course, where she hopes to become the first truly competitive female racer. “All the women who are out there now, they’re just puff,” her dad, Tim, says.

Breakthrough No. 1 • Kevin Jaycox, the owner of Sandusky Speedway, was impressed enough with Stephanie’s skills to allow her to race at his track.

Breakthrough No. 2 • Last fall, Tim got a call from the ASA Late Model Series, an East Coast touring series. Stephanie was given the green light to race in it once she turns 12. Top ASA racers in that division can earn up to $250,000 a season.

Stephanie on crashing • “You know you’re going to be OK, but it’s still scaring you to death.”
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