Rhea Daniels

Rhea Daniels,
Exercise physiologist, Coast Guard

>Morning person or night owl? Night owl. I really don’t come alive until about noon.

>Books or magazines? Mostly fashion magazines — Harper’s Bazaar, W, Elle, Essence.

>Clean and neat or cluttered and cozy?
I’m definitely a neat freak.

>Dressing up or dressing down? Dress down during the week, but if I’m going out, I go all out. I’m a shopaholic.

>Your best feature: My legs.

>Your ideal date: Going out to dinner at a place that doesn’t have TV so we can talk and focus on getting to know one another.

>Three things you can’t live without: My hairstylist, my cell phone and my car.

>How would your best friend describe you? 
Funny, very frank, down-to-earth and humble.

>How would your ex describe you? Funny, direct and maybe demanding.

>What would you do if you didn’t have to work? I’d open up a clinic helping needy people search for jobs, teaching them résumé writing and donating clothes for them to wear on interviews.

>What’s your biggest turn-off? Dusty shoes, rude people and bad hygiene.

>What’s your favorite ... place on earth? NYC. There’s a lot going on and you can people-watch for days. ... movie? “Star Wars” movies. I like Yoda because he’s really smart. ... season? Summer. You can wear cute clothes, there are warm temperatures and people are friendlier. ... drink? Apple martini. ... food? Rice Krispies squares. I’m a fitness trainer, but they’re the one thing I can’t resist.

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