Single in the City: Evan Ishida

Evan Ishida, 36, KnowledgePost co-founder

Hidden talent: I wish I could say the ability to dunk a basketball, but I can't say that. I think I've been told that I naturally do impersonations well. I don't do them on the spot, so don't plan on asking me to do those. And I probably have more knowledge about the animal kingdom than the average Joe.

Biggest fear: Missing out on an opportunity that I should take or I should do.

My bad habit: I'm very good at starting activities and starting tasks, but I have a bad habit of getting distracted and not finishing things. One example is that I've found it very challenging to finish reading a book. I can start it, get about half way through, but I can't finish it.

My guilty pleasure: Not frequently, but from time to time I'll sneak into a movie theatre and see a movie by myself. I don't do it on weekend evenings, by the way. That would not be a guilty pleasure.

You'd never guess: I'm a little bit more goofy than what people originally think I am. I generally come off as pretty serious, but after people get to know me I'm more of a goofball.

I can't live without: Connectivity. So that's anything with an "I" in front of it — the iPad, the iPhone, all that kind of fun stuff.

My hero: My grandparents, who were entrepreneurs and endured a lot, and who helped really set in motion the life that I have.

On my bucket list: To launch and start a successful, profitable business.

Biggest accomplishment: Having been able to collaborate with a number of people across the young professional, seasoned professional, business and civic communities to launch a nonprofit called Engage Cleveland.

When I'm not working: I am either going to concert or trying to figure out what the next concert is that I want to go to.

Find me here on a Saturday night: Probably within a 4-mile radius of Tremont, which is where I live. So you're either going to find me at a Tremont restaurant or checking out a band at Happy Dog or potentially even catching a play in PlayhouseSquare.

If I had one wish: I wish that you didn't need to sleep in order to be healthy because there are too many exciting things I could be doing.

Once-in-a-lifetime moment: I had the chance, in 2000, to attend an awards ceremony for my great uncle, who was awarded the Medal of Honor for WWII, and I was able to spend time with President [Bill] Clinton and see him speak and meet him.

On death row, my last meal would be: I would have to order a plate of short ribs from Fat Cats.

If I won the Mega Millions, I'd spend it on: Buy into the Cleveland Browns and make some better decisions about personnel and win us the Super Bowl.

My No. 1 dating rule: Don't lie. It's going to come back and bite you at some point. It's your chance to be yourself. Be yourself and have fun.

Deal-breakers: Self-absorbed and lacking confidence.

The perfect date: I think when you get home after a good one you will have laughed; you will have learned more about that person and ... it blends something goofy or humorous that creates a memory. And hopefully it's insightful into someone's personality, what they care about, what they stand for and you're ready for the next one.

I'm a sucker for: If I see a concert T-shirt of either a concert I've been to or a band I like, I instantly am going to have to talk to you.

Most romantic thing you've ever done: I don't know if I can answer that. You'd have to ask somebody else.

What I look for in a significant other: You have to be a little goofy. You can't take life too seriously — you have to be funny about it. But at the same time, I look for confidence and I look for intelligence.

Celebrity dream date: I wish I paid more attention to US Weekly magazine, which I don't. I just saw the new Hunger Games, so Jennifer Lawrence seems like a pretty tough cookie.

Celebrity look-alike: I was told that I look like — and it might not be good to mention this — but when I was in China, I was told that I look like a superhero. They said Spider-Man, but what they really meant was Peter Parker. Who played him? Toby Maguire as Peter Parker. That was a pretty devastating compliment. But that's the celebrity they said I looked like.

Dogs or cats: Both.

Beach or mountains: Mountains.

Signature dish: I make a mean pan-fried Brussels sprouts dish.

How I stay healthy: Smoothies! I try to exercise three times a week and play sports. I'm at the age when I have to start being aware of calories.

Favorite ... love story: Moonrise Kingdom by Wes Anderson. I saw that about a year ago. It's about two kids who fall in love and will do just about anything to be together. ... book: Where the Sidewalk Ends. ... TV show: Right now it's probably Game of Thrones. ... movie: The Dark Knight. ... blog: I read blogs on learning and innovation, and then I read blogs on Batman. ... music: Indie, alternative. ... restaurant: It would be Happy Dog, Lolita, Fat Cats, Dante. ... app: Taxi Magic because it's saved my life a few times.

What I'm reading: Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher.

iPod embarrassment: There may be an Adele song on there.

I'm so over: Literally, hearing the word "literally."

Dream job: Managing charitable giving foundations for famous rock stars.

Dream vacation: Taking a tour of Africa.

Best date I've been on: When it feels easy. You're not thinking too much about the image you're projecting. For example, I had a great conversation at a chain restaurant over light beers in the ... burbs once.

Worst date I've been on: The ones where you know, from the second you see somebody, when you see that in their face and you know it's probably going to be an uphill battle.

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