Single in the City: John Schubert

John Schubert, 45, Senior financial consultant

Hidden talents: One thing about me is that nothing's really hidden. I am who I am.

Biggest fear: One of my biggest fears is, I guess, failing. I mean, I understand about losing and I'm a gracious loser. I just don't like to fail at something that I really worked hard at trying to achieve.

My bad habit: If there are Doritos in the house, I'm more than likely going to tackle those at some point. I can only resist those so long.

My guilty pleasure: I used to watch American Idol a lot. Not quite as much anymore, but I still try to record it and watch it when I can.

You'd never guess: You'd probably never guess that a financial consultant would be a NASCAR fan, but I am. I go to the Talladega race in Alabama every year. It's just a rush with those cars, and it's kind of fun to people-watch down there.

I can't live without: It'd be hard to live without love and my family.

My hero: It's my dad. He can laugh at himself, he can fix anything and he has accomplished a lot with raising five kids and we've all been successful. He's always there to support his kids.

On my bucket list: I want to drive a race car, as in like a NASCAR, around the track. I want to go to Hawaii with a significant other and I would also like to go to Italy.

Biggest accomplishment: Going through a divorce and still not being bitter or angry, and making it amicable and good for the kids.

When I'm not working: I've got two kids and they're my passion, so I try to do things with them as well as work on the house. I like to go out with friends, and like to just go out and live rather than sit and watch TV or sit on Facebook. I like to just live.

Find me here on a Saturday night: It's not consistent. There are a lot of times I'm at a friend's house, or it's a wine tasting party or I'm out downtown Willoughby.

If I had one wish: To have my kids grow up successful and healthy.

One-in-a-lifetime moment: In Hawaii, in a helicopter with no doors, flying through the mountains and volcanoes in Kauai and seeing all the waterfalls. I was scared, but I took some great pictures with my iPhone. It was amazing.

On death row, my last meal would be: I would say lasagna.

If I won the Mega Millions, I'd spend it on: I'm in investments, so I'm going to invest some of it and probably will still have my job though, because I have to keep doing something. And I would travel quite a bit more.

My number-one dating rule: Be yourself and be honest.

Deal-breakers: If I can see through them, that they're lying. And I'm not too thrilled about smokers.

The perfect date: I just went on a really good date, and it was Painting with a Twist in Avon.

I'm a sucker for: Dark hair and beautiful eyes.

Most romantic thing you've ever done: Painting with a Twist in Avon with a bottle of wine.

What I look for in a significant other: Unselfish, honest, athletic and they have to have a good sense of humor.

Celebrity dream date: I would have to go with Jennifer Aniston, because she is attractive with sexy eyes and seems athletic and fun.

Celebrity look-alike: People used to say I look like Mark Harmon but he's aged a lot in the last five years, 10 years, so probably not him.

Dogs or cats: Neither. I've got fish. They stay in the aquarium.

Beach or mountains: Mountains.

Signature dish: Chicken enchiladas, chicken stir-fry with balsamic.

How do you stay healthy: Work out, do the elliptical, about a 150 pushups a day and I'm always active. I don't like to just sit around. I play volleyball every Thursday throughout the year.

Favorite ... love story: When Harry Met Sally. ... book: The Winner Within by Pat Riley. ... TV Show: Do sports count? I still watch re-runs of Seinfeld. ... movie: Caddyshack was the all-time best. ... blog: I don't read blogs. ... music: I like country and pop and old heavy metal. ... restaurant: Brio and Bravo! ... app: Pandora.

What I'm reading: I'm not reading anything right now.

iPod embarrassment: Brandy.

I'm so over: I'm done hearing about Miley Cyrus and twerking.

Dream job: I'm in my dream job. This is what I've always wanted to do.

Dream vacation: It would probably be going to Hawaii with a significant other that I feel strongly about.

Best date I've been on: Being a guy is a lot easier because we usually pick and choose where we want to go. I'd say there are two. I went to Crop [Bar & Bistro] and out for drinks afterward, so that was a really good date. And also going downtown to a good comedy show at Pickwick & Frolic. That's always a lot of fun.

Worst date I've been on: I'd say when I was young and I washed the car and then I wanted to pull it inside because it was going to rain and I pulled it inside and hit the side of the garage and crushed it up. And then I still had to go on that date. I took her to The Lion King. That wasn't a good movie to take her to because it was animated.

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